Want to watch Iron Man or not?

I was hanging out with my friends the other night, talking about random stuff.

At one point, the Goonfather asked Wang Wang, “So, you want to watch Iron Man or not?”

“Yes yes yes!” said Wang Wang.

At which the Goonfather said, “Okay, later you go home, you ask your husband to iron some clothes.”

Then he pointed at Wang Wang’s husband, who was just in the next seat, and started laughing hysterically. “He will be your personal iron man! Hahahaha. Iron man!”

Lots of narrow eyes around.

Speaking of Iron Man, I don’t think anyone needs me to tell them that it’s a freaking awesome movie. In fact, I wasn’t really interested in watching it until I started getting influenced by all the good reviews circulating around.

There are, of course, bad reviews, too. But critics will be critics.

I totally loved the show. And I totally fell in love with Robert Downey Jr (again). He’s one of the most charismatic Hollywood actors, in my opinion, even though he seems to have aged immensely.

I’m not actually going to do a movie review. I hate writing movie reviews because it feels too much like work (used to write movie reviews in two of my past jobs).

In fact, I wasn’t planning to blog about this. I was going to post my blog about the HTC Touch Diamond but my YouTube video upload is taking forever, and I can’t post the blog without the video being successfully uploaded.

It’s been almost two hours now. Probably because I’m uploading a 487 MB file because I’m lazy to compress it. Haha.

So I’ll post that tomorrow.

And then I had to find something to talk about (quickly) in the meantime, so this was it.

Throw in a random photo of myself so that people won’t forget what I look like.


(That was me being ironic.)

And we’re done!

See you tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Want to watch Iron Man or not?

  1. Avatar

    Iron Man was kick ass! I saw it at the Cathay then when I returned to SFO, I saw it again!

    Must stay until the very end cuz there’s a teaser after the credits.

    HTC Diamond? Looks nice until I read that it’s only tri-band GSM and only 2100 WCDMA. Not a true world phone based on today’s standards.

    Waiting for next month’s release of 3G iPhone, which is what it should have been all along!

  2. Avatar

    OK… OK… I just realised that the Goonfather was asking her husband to iron clothes… But that would mean that he was going to be an Ironing Man.

  3. Avatar

    lol @ Goonfather….

    anyways, I had a blast when I watched Ironman, it was really good… and the clip after the credits made my day (only about 5 person stayed inside the cinema to wait for the short clip after credits)…

  4. Avatar

    modchip: Yeah, go watch it! It’s really a great movie.

    abraxis: Yup, luckily my friends knew about the teaser so we did stay till after the credits.

    Jesta: Well, you should have been in Singapore long enough to know that tenses and forms of speech don’t really matter in punning. In fact, they don’t even matter in daily speech. Haha.

    Rachel: Yah lor… I agree vehemently! Haha.

    kate: Hah, good. Glad to hear that!

    aig: Actually, I was very disappointed at the end-credit teaser. It’s so short. O_o

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    I pity Ironman when he has a itch inside somewhere but cannot reach it.

    I pity Ironman when his dribble causes his crotch part of the armour to rust.

    I pity Ironman who just farted inside his suit.

    I pity Ironman who just sneezed inside his suit.

  6. Avatar

    I have heard good things about Iron Man the film and no good things about Ironing Man the husband, so I’m planning to watch the film and avoid the board.

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