These balls were made for eating

I haven’t done a food post in a while because I’m getting bored with photographing my food before eating.

But my blog feels hungry today, so I went to dig up some old food pictures. Haha.

[You're hungry]

This fine-looking specimen of epicurean delight is, unfortunately, only available in KL, Malaysia.

I know, I’m kinda evil.

[You're getting hungrier]

I don’t know what they call this dish exactly (because my friend did all the ordering) but it’s self-made noodles and also comes in soup form.

[You're now thirsty]

The good news is that it’s not really that nice (to me) so I don’t think you’ll miss much if you don’t get to eat it.

It’s not horrible. It’s just normal tasting. But, for some reason, it’s very very popular with the locals. They drive miles to come to this backwater place just to wait 45 minutes for their food. No kidding.

[They ran out of umbrellas very quickly]

[Some people didn't get umbrellas]

Since we had to wait so long for our food, I engaged in the only entertainment available at that time and place.



But it was so windy and the wind was threatening to turn me into Sadako so I stopped. I went to check out the other entertainment, instead.

[It was his turn to take a bath]

LOL. There’s a car wash service just beside the noodle place. Motorists can have their car washed for a few ringgit while they sit around waiting for their food.

Not too shabby, is it?

While most people flock to the place for the noodles, what I found really good was the side dish:

[Many people lost their balls that day]

These are to-die-for, to-queue-up-for pork balls. Best pork balls I’ve eaten. I will wait 45 minutes for them, especially when they come with a complimentary jar of a very disgusting looking chilli concoction.

[But the tongue burning was worth it]

It doesn’t look that awful after you scoop it out into a little dish and hide the jar.

[The dish trembled at the strength of the chilli]

The chilli’s very hot (you can feel it burning the moment it touches your tongue) but it tastes damn good. You can’t stop dipping your balls in the chilli even when it starts killing you.

Well, my Malaysian friend said not to tell anyone the address of this place because he says waiting 45 minutes for his noodles is enough for him and he doesn’t want to have to wait 90 minutes.


But I’ll offer a clue. Here’s a road sign:

[It was a bright and beautiful day]

The road leads to the food place… eventually.

It’s only a little way in lah.

Shit, I just hate doing food posts. Now I’m hungry again.

10 thoughts on “These balls were made for eating

  1. Avatar

    NEVER, never, never start a post with the title “The Balls were made for eating”! I needed to cross my legs immediately!

  2. Avatar

    On a totally unrelated note, I was on planning my next trip. Can’t help but wonder whether the girl on their ads was you?

  3. Avatar

    Jesta: I don’t see what’s wrong with my title *innocent stare*

    modchip: lol, yum!

    xinyun: me too :(

    wee: Yes, that’s me. lol. sharp, observant eyes you have!

  4. Avatar

    Wait a minute… You hate writing food posts, and we (by “we” I mean “I”) get cross reading them. Doesn’t that suggest a solution?

    Besides – you don’t do “innocent” well enough to fool me!

  5. Avatar

    This is called “Meen Fun Koh”. I love the dry version a lot. Yah, come to think of it, I don’t remember eating this is Singapore.

  6. Avatar

    I cannot imagine dipping my balls in chilli sauce. That has gotta hurt!

    Maybe that’s why the place is called Jalan 可怜 coz all the guys there have to dip their balls in chilli sauce.

    Oo! Ahh! Hot! Hot! Hot!

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