The ninja patrol tourist attraction pose squad

I guess you guys will be disappointed to learn that my Ninja Gaiden II costume looks nothing like the one worn by Sonia, who is the new NG femme fatale. This is Sonia:

[Sonia of Ninja Gaiden II]

But don’t compare us, okay. We’re not even meant to be Sonia.

We’re meant to be flyer-distributing generic ninja girls (which Moralis kindly pointed out to me are called kunoichi).

[Ninja girls on the bus]

With the luxuriant bus interior backdrop, I think we look more like a couple of Korean tour guides.

And our Ryu Hayabusa was a tourist attraction.

[Ryu Hayabusa on a trishaw]

Our jobs were to patrol the streets and scare people into pre-ordering Ninja Gaiden II.

[The Ninja Patrol]

But I think we failed. People were generally more amused than scared and made us stop to pose for photos.

[The Ninja Pose Squad]

And more photos.

[The Ninja Pose Squad Strikes Again]

And more more more more more photos.

[The Ninja Pose Squad Strikes Ad Infinitum]

I’ll post nicer photos after the next event, which will happen in the day, so I’ll be able to get clearer pictures.

And now, secret locations for the next ninja patrol! (In case anyone feels like stalking me or my ninja babe partner, or maybe Ryu Hayabusa.)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
12pm—1pm: Rivervale Mall
2pm—3pm: Temasek Poly
4pm—5pm: Tampines Mall

OMG such out-of-the-way places. I feel faint.

Well, come anyway. We’re giving out thousands of free flyers on that day. Come and get yours.


15 thoughts on “The ninja patrol tourist attraction pose squad

  1. Avatar

    How come I don’t have sexy ninjas like that in MY clan??? I thought ninja girls (otherwise known as kunoichi) should wear purple…

  2. Avatar

    OMG!! Hayabusa looks like a fag! See those eyes…. Looks more like a nanny than a Killer!

  3. Avatar

    Check out the pic where they were all posing with the rock star dude in a cap. Hahaha….. Hayabusa looks like he was dancing to Grease Lightning. lol!!

  4. Avatar

    wth the costume is so conservative, not even a bit of skin is revealed. since when has ninja lost their fashion sense ?

  5. Avatar

    nice pics… though some a bit blurry perhaps due to the darkness, anyways goodluck with the promotion…. no free t-shirt or anything for the audience during your promotion tour? hehehe

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