The impromptu mothers’ day post

Sheylara wishes all mothers a happy mothers’ day!


Just felt like doing that even though it’s not my usual style. (And also because I’m waiting for the Goonfather to stop playing his silly PS3 game and get ready so we can go out.)

Because mothers, although they can be infuriating at times, are really nice people. Most of them, anyway.

And even if they aren’t nice, there must be a good reason why they aren’t nice.

Okay, I can’t blog anymore. Got a couple of mothers to take out to celebrate. And the Goonfather, amazingly, is now ready and he’s waiting for me, instead. ROFL.

Hope y’all have a great day, mother or otherwise.

Share with me what you did today and what you got for mum! (Give me some ideas for next year, haha).

See ya!

8 thoughts on “The impromptu mothers’ day post

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    We did Mother’s Day yesterday, for logistics reasons. I plan to call my mother later in the day to wish her a happy Mother’s Day on the American date – Mothering Sunday was a while ago in the UK…

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    Haha, we did Mommy’s Day yesterday to avoid the crowd today. Ate at Din Tai Fung, The Garden’s (M’sia). We will be getting her a pair of sports shoes since hers is terribly worn out (but since she’s so picky, it might end up as NEXT YEAR’s Mother’s Day pressie). :D

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    Hmmm… this sounds more and more like Valentine’s Day. We ignore it because of the crowds and the manufactured sense, so we celebrate our own date. Maybe we should start creating our own Christmas too…

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    Jesta: Aww, that’s sweet. You must miss your mother a lot since you only get to see her once in a long while.

    Steffi: What, you mean your mother will take one year to decide what shoes she wants? lol. Speaking of Ding Tai Feng… I miss the xiao long bao!!!

    JayWalk: Alamak. But never too late lah. Belated greetings/presents/meetings also good right?

    apPetite: Wow pink lilies!! Don’t think I’ve seen them before. Sounds pretty!!

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    Because I was a single father for so long (15 years) I got to celebrate both mothers days and fathers day. But now I an reduced to just one. The wife took over mothers day

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