Stressed at Social Media Breakfast

I have to be very honest. I was totally exhausted during last Saturday’s Social Media Breakfast, so I only had about 50% presence of mind. The other 50% of me was zoning out on sleep-deprivation-induced hallucinations.

Some SMBers might have noticed me occasionally favouring the striking pink floral wall at Cafe Domus with a glazed, sometimes shocked, stare.

[Woah. Don't get sucked in.]

The wall is quite garish, if I may be honest, but I do realise perhaps it’s meant to be alternative or retro or whatever and I do respect artistry even if I may not appreciate the art.

Now, since I was feeling rather sleep-deprived, I turned up in my jammies.

[Sleep is for the wicked]

I found this photo in my camera when I got home and remembered that Coleman had taken liberties with it while I was engaged in a conversation with Bernard about his writing projects.

Coleman had taken this very interestingly-angled photograph of me with my camera while I was distracted.

Which was just as well, now that I realise that, in my incapacitated state that day, I had quite forgotten to camwhore.

I managed only to take a few random photos during the moments I wasn’t busy eating or chatting, which was hardly.

Oh, those aren’t really jammies I was wearing. It’s just that someone came up to me and expressed his shock at seeing me in my “pajamas” because I’m usually “all dressed up”.

All I can say is that it’s a lucky thing I didn’t turn up in one of those little skirts I’m usually fond of wearing. (Once in a while, a barely-conscious sixth sense kicks in.) Michael‘s camera had made history by becoming the first non-human to receive a tag at an SMB.

[Tagged. You're it.

What an honour. Or not.

Incidentally, this same camera caught me babbling incoherently when Mike decided to interview me, Daryl and Derrick for the Geek Goddess Show in our roles as organisers of SMB (although, other than contributing feedback at our periodic MSN meetings, I didn’t help much in the planning of SMB2, so I’m lucky D & D still consider me part of the team).

Anyway, now, I’m hypothetically wondering whether it’s better to get caught in an upskirt video or be filmed talking nonsense and having people think you’re a complete ditz.

I suppose it depends on whether you’re wearing attractive undies.

I believe I was also caught babbling incoherently on Tech65‘s very scary contraption that records voice.

[He quite enjoyed his new mirror

I don’t even know what to call this intimidating-looking device.

You people are making social events very stressful, you know that?

NTT (picture above) and his Tech65 mates wielded that device with glee, traumatising everyone at the event.

Someone even chose to make his trauma known publicly:

[He liked his new name, too

Of course, the upside to dealing with Tech65 is that audio recorders can’t record upskirts. So, as long as you shut up when any one of these people encroaches within 50 metres of your personal space, you’re quite safe.

Unfortunately, being sleep-deprived is sometimes akin to be drunk. You don’t know when to shut up.

I hope everyone enjoyed SMB2.

I managed to meet a few new people but I didn’t manage to talk to as many people as I would have liked to.

But that was actually a half-baked ploy to minimise on the incoherent babbling.

See you at SMB3?

17 thoughts on “Stressed at Social Media Breakfast

  1. Avatar

    Haha. Yeah, I was quite surprised at seeing you dressed that way as well, but well…no complaints. You look pretty no matter what you wear lah. ;)

    As for organizing, well…to be honest I didn’t do much either? Haha. Daryl did most of the work, so..thanks Daryl!

    Anyway, yeah, looking forward to the next event.

    ps. I’ve subsribed to your blog…happy now? =P.

  2. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’ve been hearing a lot about social media breakfast.

    Looks like it’s about time I pop by the next time round and get to know you guys.


  3. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    It has been a pleasure to chat with you.
    The conversation with you has reminded me of the past fiction writing that I have done and I have started to revisit them for myself. I rarely talked about them in the past three years since I am back home from the UK.

    Good job with the SMB2, and looking forward to the next SMB3.

    Take care & best regards,

  4. Avatar

    Haha, I thought this was about Super Mario Brothers! :))

    Anyway, you look good in light blue, fav color?

  5. Avatar

    And… That is AWFUL wallpaper. I’m surprised that you were able to feel sleepy. I think that I would have been throwing up!

  6. Avatar

    i wrote the “meanie” for ntt! hahaha.

    anyway, u looked good even though u “dressed down” hehe.

    im sorry i didnt get to catch up with u… didnt even get to take photos with u lorrrr!

    i dont like ntt’s audio recorder thingie. BLEH.

  7. Avatar

    Hun Boon: Really that different ah? Weird… cos I think I still had the same hair and makeup. :P

    Derrick Kwa: Haha. Thanks for the compliment. Ok, we should present Daryl a trophy for being the most long-suffering co-host. :P And thanks for subscribing. Hehehe. You rock! ;)

    Jag: Yes, come to the next one! ;)

    Shannon: Great to see you at SMB2! Thanks for coming down!

    BL: Thanks for sharing all your stories with me. It’s really entertaining listening to them and I hope they get screened some day. Also, best of luck with your current project! ;)

    Daryl Tay: What! I haven’t even brought out my micro-minis yet!!!! (Kidding. I don’t actually have those.) Seriously lah, my skirts aren’t that short. There are shorter. :P

    Jesta: Yes, don’t have to tell me. I know very well. :P As for the wallpaper, I didn’t hear anyone complain about it, for some reason.

    modchip: lol… same initials! Yes, light blue used to be my favourite colour until I got pinked.

    Daphne Maia: Hahaha… you should tell us why you called NTT meanie. Come, come, tell! :P Photos next time!!!

  8. Avatar

    Maybe you didn’t hear anyone complain for two reasons:
    1. They were too shocked to voice their horror
    2. You were too stoned to hear them?

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