Sheylara and the telemarketer

I was in a cab today, on my way to the HTC Touch Diamond media launch, making use of the time to frantically memorise as many lines as I could for my play, because first rehearsal was tonight and I was supposed to have all the lines memorised by then.

[She couldn't wait till they got out of there]

(This is a photo I took of Precious and myself in the Shangri-La toilet, where HTC launch was held. I mean, the launch was held in Shangri-La, not in the toilet. But I will blog about that another day. About the launch, not the toilet.)

Back in the cab.

A phone call came.

Ordinarily, I would have been quite pleased to entertain a telemarketer while in a cab because, as you know, there is nothing better to do when you’re stuck in a cab, anyway. Plus I have free incoming calls.

But today, I had a script to memorise.

So, when the caller introduced herself as being from Prudential, I planned to cut short the conversation by deploying my usual answer: “I’m unemployed and can’t afford whatever you’re selling.”


Something in what she said made me improv a new response.

She said, “I’m pleased to inform you that your residential zone has been selected for our new promotion.”

I remembered that I recently moved house.

So I asked her, “Do you know where I’m living now?”

That stumped her, for some strange reason.

“Er… umm…,” she said, “Er… OH, I mean your company. Yah, your company has been selected.”

That, of course, was the wrong answer.

I asked, “Do you know where I’m working now?”

This time she was stumped for a slightly shorter duration.

“Er… er… *clear throat* *shuffling sound* … MediaCorp?”

Wrong answer again. I left MediaCorp in 2002.

I said, “Oh, I’m no longer working there. Does that mean I’m not eligible for your promotion?”


She hung up on me!!!!

Just as well, I suppose. I didn’t have time to entertain her, anyway.

20 thoughts on “Sheylara and the telemarketer

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    Woo hooo… long time never come here….. anyway i read your blog untill ….. what i remembered i have read… what am i talking about… zzz….

  2. Avatar

    I hate to entertain telemarketers. They just don’t know the meaning of “I’m not interested in whatever you are selling.”

  3. Avatar

    I’m with motd on this one. I appreciate that everyone has a job to do, but by calling me on my mobile they are not only wasting my time (the single most important resource that I have), but my money as well!

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    Hmm… you just gave me an idea. Perhaps we should turn the tables around and start asking the telemarketers questions. It would be interesting to discover what kind of data they have on you.

    And also, I was also thinking along the same line as ruok when I was reading this.

    Why char bors all like to go toilet take photo one har?

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    I keep getting calls from these people even thought I am on a do not call list, and that my Prudential agent doesn’t know anything about the so-called offers that they keep talking about.

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