OMG the moon is red tonight!!!

Look out your window now!!! THE MOON IS RED IN COLOUR!!!

Okay, I know this probably isn’t the first time, but I’ve never seen the moon any colour other than what it’s supposed to be, so it is pretty damn amazing to me!!


I swear this isn’t photoshopped. I didn’t even adjust the brightness and contrast. This is totally wholesale from my camera (after cropping off the edges).

This is the uncropped and size-reduced version to fit into my blog:


The lights below the moon are lights from ships.

When we first discovered it, it was kind of hiding behind some clouds and it looked somewhat smaller, but no less amazing.


It slowly moved out of the clouds.


And then there it stood in full red glory!


Hmm… it’s starting to get more and more orange, heading towards yellow as I’m typing this.

Hurry catch it before it’s gone!



It’s not red anymore. I think the moon was red for only about half an hour or so?

[Normal moon]

You can see how high it’s gone now. And the colour has reverted to normal.

[Normal moon]

Oh, well. No armageddon.

36 thoughts on “OMG the moon is red tonight!!!

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    It was yellow when I noticed it, which probably means more air pollution from Indonesia than End Times from Hell…

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    Blood Moon (Enchantment, 2R)
    Non-basic lands are mountains.

    Armageddon (Sorcery, 3R)
    Destroys all lands.

    Yep, got difference.

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    Mystika!! The red moon is caused by pollutants in the atmosphere that only allows the red-spectrum of light to pass thru.

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    Look like duck egg yolk, very nice

    alot of signs of end of the world….

    earthquakes…..great numbers of deaths….disasters….redmoon….sheylara wants to cut hair :D

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    When I was working in Bangkok, occassionally, I do see the red sun during sunsets. Its beautiful. But was told that it was due to the polluted air in horizon that filtered off rest of the colour.

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    Thought lunar eclipses happen pretty often though. Much more than any type of solar eclipse at any rate…

    Grats on catching the phenomenon. I caught it I think once, and dismissed it as rain clouds and went to sleep. But that was prob because it was nowhere near this brilliant shade of red.

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    It has occurred to me that there is an old saying: Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. I wonder if it applies to the moon too…

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    good thing its not only me whi saw it! It was really amazing although i’ve only seen the lower half part of it.

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