My Sadako look scared all my readers away

My blog readership suffered a 35% dip yesterday.

I think I scared all my readers away when I posted my “Sadako” photo in the preceding post.

I suppose it could also be because I didn’t blog yesterday, but I don’t usually get such a drastic dip from missing a day.

I was considering not blogging today because I’m so busy this week I’m this near to going on strike and emigrating either to the mountains or to a very clean and comfortable white padded room.

But I thought I’d better post something to displace the Sadako post before all my readers run away screaming in terror and I’m forced to talk to an empty room.

And here’s a “Mona Lisa” photo to regain your confidence in me.

[Soothing the savage beast]

Okay, that’s a bad imitation. But I wasn’t trying to do an imitation in the first place.

It beats the Sadako look, in any case.

And I still need a haircut, which I still haven’t got time to get.

I have been considering shaving my head, having a baby, and treating the baby very badly.

But then, I haven’t got time to do that, either.

12 thoughts on “My Sadako look scared all my readers away

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    Errr…..mad ah! Having a baby??? You’re going to beat me to it? Anyway, have you seen the pics of my potential Jael? It’s on my blog and facebook

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    I think i got a spike yest in my blog. Maybe they all came from yours leh girl. But don’t you worry.. they will all come back aft seeing ‘worse den sadako’ pics on mine.

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    Much nicer, and I’m guessing that the dip had something to do with the public holiday and the fact that we weren’t at work and reading blogs rather than working…

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    Besides (and I’ve just realised this) ow would anyone know that you had the whole Sadako look if they didn’t come to the blog to see it? In which case there would be no dip…

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    Monster: Er… no. Babies are the last thing I want in life. If I have babies, you’ll know I’ve gone stark raving mad. :P Yes I’ve seen your potential Jael. She’s a super cutie!! :)

    wee: Haha… that may be true… until you read krisandro’s comment. O_o

    krisandro: Haha… your post was a bit controversial. Controversy draws kaypoh readers like magnet, holiday or no holiday! lol.

    arachno: Thanks! I’m glad you noticed the shiny hairclip. I like that too! :P

    JayWalk: I already said I wasn’t trying to imitate Mona Lisa mah. In any case, it’s either hairclip or Sadako for me. lol.

    Jesta: The dip happened one day after the Sadako post came out. So the timeline is something like this:

    Saturday – Sadako post
    Sunday – Readers scared, stay away (dip happened)
    Monday – Post reporting that readers got scared away

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    Good what. You got it all covered. Sadako look: mysterious cos face all covered. Hairclip look: innocent preash dun corruptz me look. :P

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