JB driver scolded by Singaporeans

Hahaha. Look at how this car is parked.

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This photo was taken last night in the Square 2 (shopping mall) car park.

Not only is it “creatively” parked, it has very interesting ornaments. I’m talking about the ornaments on the windscreen (not inside the car).

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I thought the way the driver parked his car was funny, and my mind was going through all funny reasons he would do such a thing, but it seems I’m alone in my views.

Here’s a closer look at the emotional comments left by Singaporeans. (I’m just broadlly assuming that these were written by Singaporeans, judging by the handwriting and syntax.)

[Love Note #1]

[Love Note #2]

[Love Note #3]

[Love Note #4]

I guess I would be mad, too, if I were trying to park my car in a very full car park. But there were many empty lots at the time I was there (6:15 pm, Sunday).

So I was honestly surprised by this display of civic-mindedness. I’ve always had the impression that Singaporeans prefer to mind their own business and would rather grumble to friends than confront issues head-on.

Sure, this isn’t directly confrontational, but it’s still more vocal than I would expect of an average Singaporean.

Now, if only these people would also leave notes for tissue-chopers in food courts and hawker centres.

20 thoughts on “JB driver scolded by Singaporeans

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    Is this Novena Square 2? Next time, I wanna join in the fun!

    P.S. Seriously, you don’t have to blank out the number plate for people like them!

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    I think the problem lies in differnt country got different culture. Singaporean are more “straight” (law abidding, by the book) where as our northern neighbour are more “flexible” (anything also can just dont get caught). Also I have driven into Malaysia before, seems like our neighbour are not as constraint by limited land, thus as long as they are able to park, who cares, how many lot were taken. Just my five cents worth.

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    At least the Singaporeans didn’t leave a brick on top of the roof like what I had read in Stomp.

    This sure deserve a place in parkingidiots.blogspot.com

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    Just wondering, why did one of the note sorta accused the car owner as a Malaysian? Do they have bad rep in Singapore? *no offfense please*

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    modchip : Thats a Malaysian car plate (starting with JJW). Singaporean car plates start with S** and ends with an alphabet

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    Well, I gotta admit we’ve got some pretty bad “parkers” here, can drive but can’t park, but I’ve never seen anything so remarkable.

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    I just had a thought: Anyone with THAT amount of junk hanging in the car probably didn’t notice the paper…

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    krisandro: Yeah, probably. ;) But I have no reason to post in Stomp when I can post in my own blog, right? lol.

    Miss Loi: I don’t know, haha. I don’t want to cause people any unnecessary trouble in case the guy really had a good reason for parking that way. :P Yeah, it was in Novena Square 2.

    Jesta: I think the tissue and paper are funnier. :P

    acroamatic: Haha funny site! Looks like even Singaporeans park like this JB guy. :P

    juzMe: Yeah, you’re right. Malaysian laws are more lax, I guess. ;)

    moby: Waaah evil O_o

    Jason Ho: lol… I wish I had managed to check whether the vehicle collected more notes later. But it was gone by the time we left the building.

    Ashtar83: Well, the really evil stuff would be to scratch his car or draw on it or something. But I’m glad nobody did that!

    motd: Wah someone left a brick on someone’s car? Haha.

    modchip: It’s kinda like juzMe explained. Malaysians have more relaxed police, so the citizens bend the rules all the time, especially motorists, who will just park anywhere and flout traffic laws. So, when Singaporeans see a car with a Malaysian license plate flouting laws, they will tend to be like, “See, those Malaysians!!”

    But it’s kinda like semi-friendly neighbour bickering. Malaysians also have stuff to say about Singaporeans, I’m sure. lol.

    Steffi: Yeah, sometimes I park really badly and have no time to adjust because I’m late for an appointment or something. But never as bad as this one! Haha.

    JayWalk: Wah… fierce, man!

    Rykarx: lol.. interesting! But I wonder why the guy never photographed the notes. Maybe he was one of them who wrote the notes!! lol.

    Jesta: Hahaha… nice observation.

    flyflyworm: Yeah, that’s a great idea!

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