It’s very disturbing that people vote me “Nicest smelling”

Maybe I should say that’s it’s very disturbing that there’s even a category called “Nicest smelling” in Facebook’s Compare People application.

It raises an image in my mind of people going around sniffing one another.

I’ve been disturbed by this for some time.

Even more disturbing is the fact that I’ve been on top spot for “Nicest smelling” since, like, I installed this app, like, last year.

[Sniff. You smell]

Of course, I am awfully flattered and glad that people think I’m nice smelling, which rules out the possibility that I’m nasty smelling, which is very nice, but who in the world is smelling me??

Looking through my list of 200+ friends on Facebook, many of whom I don’t really know but added anyway because I have like 20 friends in common with them so they must be someone I know but just can’t remember, I don’t have a memory of anyone actually coming up to me to smell me.

The craziest part is that I don’t even wear perfume.

I’m very sensitive to scents, and most perfumes give me a headache and a sore throat. There was once I just rubbed a paper perfume sample gently on my wrist and it made me feel sick the whole day.

I wonder what I’ve done to earn the honour of being “Nicest smelling”.

I guess I can’t do anything about it now except try my best to avoid contact with people I know, after a round of jogging, in order to avoid losing my spot.

If any of you ladies are taking part in Shape Run ’08, let me know. I’ll, uh, wear a mask. Or I might not even turn up because I’m so out of shape now. Urgh.

Today’s post has been brought to you by Dove Deodorant.

Just kidding. It hasn’t.

I don’t wear deodorant, either.

20 thoughts on “It’s very disturbing that people vote me “Nicest smelling”

  1. Avatar

    it can only mean 1 thing…

    …you are xiang xiang gong zhu… you smell naturally nice (even after sweating without deodorant, apparently) o.O

  2. Avatar

    i uhm…. haven’t actually smelt you before.. but now i’m going to take notice the next time (that sounded a bit more cheekopek than i meant it to sound)

  3. Avatar

    Wendy: Haha, that “xiang xiang gong zhu” sounds quite familiar. Is it from some TV show? And, like, she really smells nice? lol.

    Daryl Tay / krisandro / Daphne Maia: Aaaaaaaaaaah no! Darn, I shouldn’t have blogged about it. I actually didn’t forsee that this post is as good as inviting people to come up and smell me next time they see me. OMG. Mercy! lol.

    lbandit: Um… I don’t think that will sell at all :P

    modchip: NO! O_o

    binary_0011: Oh my. Hahaha.. that’s pretty sad. But is it true? :P

  4. Avatar

    I’m pretty sure that you smell neutral – I tend to be sensitive to smells and I have never noticed that you smell either good or bad… maybe you had just bought some cookies when the person who voted you “nicest” was around?

  5. Avatar

    xiang xiang gong zhu is supposedly a real-life concubine during one of the chinese dynasties (I think it’s the Qing). Her body odour was supposed to have smelt nice like perfume instead of smelling stinky like almost everyone else’s BO, hence that’s why she got recurited into the palace as a concubine. It’s supposed to be some genetic ‘problem’, as BO is supposed to smell nasty, not nice.

    I heard this over the 958 radio whilst driving one day.

  6. Avatar

    I can vouch to the fact that QY has the nicest smell around.
    The sweet smell of her body and hair is OMG!!!!!!
    I am in happy dwarf-land~ LOL

  7. Avatar

    Am I the only one to be more than slightly disturbed by Wang Wang’s comment above? :o)

    I do have to ask just how she (I presume) managed to get enough info to vouch for the sweet smelling body… (I have VERY naughty visions in my head right now).

  8. Avatar

    Kim: Oh, that’s interesting. What a lucky genetic problem she has! Haha.

    Wang Wang: WOW. I really don’t know if I should feel flattered or worried by your comment! Hehe.

    JayWalk: Haha… funny.

    Jesta: Wang Wang on occasion allows me to lie on her soft and cuddly, um, cushions.

    Rachel: Ack. O_o *runs away*

    modchip: 女人味 is a Chinese phrase which means “feminine”. But in direct translation, it says “woman flavour/taste”. So these guys are just making fun of the phrase. lol.

  9. Avatar

    Facebook is disturbing. All these little apps to do all kind of things. It was just a matter of time before they came up with The Nicest Smelling. You can throw a sheep at someone for godsake!

  10. Avatar

    Mike M: I have to say that throwing sheep at people is not a bad idea. I have just finished playing Worms on the DS and let me tell you that the sheep is a VERY useful tool in the right situation.

  11. Avatar

    Jesta: Facebook lets you throw all kinds of things at people. But a sheep? I’m some countries people use sheep for half their diet. It’s kind of like wasting food HA

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