I hate my hair

One day, I got really frustrated trying to clip my hair up because it’s too thick and the clip’s too crappy. So I started cursing the clip and my hair, using very imaginative and colourful language.

The Goonfather said, “Don’t put clip lah.”

I hyperventilated.

“Cannot lah!! If I don’t clip my hair I look like this!!”


“Nice wat,” he said.

I fainted for a bit before shrieking at him. “Nice your head lah!!! I look like freaking Sadako!!”

Stupid Goonfather.

Stupid hair.

That’s my hair with maximum strength hair wax holding it up.

Without wax, I look like Cousin Itt of The Addams Family.

(Picture not shown for health reasons.)

With wax, I look like Sadako.

Either way, my hair makes me look like a freak!!

I want to know how you girls with gravity-defying hair do it.

For me, hair clips till the day I die.


21 thoughts on “I hate my hair

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    Try sea salt spray. I don’t really know how it works. My stylist just said that it’ll prevent hair flatness. Or try half a can of hair spray.

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    No hair problems in AoC!!!
    Well…not unless you screw up your char creation…lol
    You KNOW you want AoC!!!
    Goonfather does too…

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    I agree with Goonfather, nice ma! Better to have more hair than little. I’m not even thirty and I’m worried about getting bald spots here and there. And because I have little hair, I really looked like Sadako when my hair was long. Serious. I’ve frightened my family members before. Haih.

    Tried layering before?

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    Just go to your hair stylist and tell him:

    “Armani, 剪短. Sideburn 留长.”

    Works for me everytime….I’ve got no hair problems.

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    wahahaha.. long time no see..
    and your hair look stupid.. lolololol..
    cut your hair lah.. :D

    oh wait.. dont cut your hair yet..
    now you can have that legendary magnificent full twintail hair style..

    ok.. now just cut/set your bangs.. :)
    something like emo-hairstyle.. (the one that look like a porcupine)

    hmm.. on side note.. i think a layered haircut would do it.. (on your whole hair..)

    btw.. arent you interested on coloring your hair.. ?? say.. layered red with little white/silver black and blonde.. ??

    or maybe a pony tail.. on upper tightening.. (kunoichi-style)
    but still.. you should do/cut/set your bangs.. :))

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    And… cue the comments that you should stop being so totally female about your hair. This cannot, that cannot… *sigh* You look good either way, but DO NOT HAVE IT CUT SHORT!

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    U call this Sadako? Taiwanese singer Fan Weiqi did an impression of the dead one once and THAT was scary!!!! Guess it didn’t help that she’s skinny and fair too. Don’t be bunk mates with Fan Fan. You’ll get a heart attack if she wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. LOL!!!

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    why dont you try n get your hair thining out and get sum layers short choppy layers so that you will beable 2 clip ypur hair up how ever you want to as there will not be as much hair 2 clip up if you get short layers!

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