Games giving me nightmares?

Oh, gawd.

[This post is rated M18 for violence. Please do not read it if you’re under 18. Thanks.]

I must have been talking and thinking about games too much.

I just woke up from a horrible nightmare in which I was getting hunted by a group of people for an unknown reason.

Fortunately, they were coming at me one at a time and I managed to get hold of two smallish knives, so I was able to kill them slowly.

They took so long to die, though. Like, one of them refused to die even after I cut her head almost in two. I totally hate dreams like that. Everything was so vivid and I could feel the steel biting into flesh. OMG TOTALLY GROSS.

And the worst thing is… after they died, they turned into zombies and, like, I had to kill them all over again!!

But now they were coming at me as a team and I decided it was gonna be the end of me, so I ran.

And then, somehow, I got into the kill radar of another group, and the second half of the dream was spent hiding and running and hiding and running.

No, I haven’t been playing too much games. I haven’t had time, remember? Not even on a weekend!

Gotta run off for an audition now, followed by a rehearsal, followed by hanging out with my friends.

I guess I’ve had a really trying week.

Make that year.

No, make that life.


16 thoughts on “Games giving me nightmares?

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    When you don’t have the release of hunting down mobs in game, they start to hunt you in your dreams…

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    Very worrying… On the other hand I have to consciously remind myself to drive properly after playing GTA IV…

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    This may not be the right place to put this, but your Twitter is even more disturbing than your dream. What “human product” leaves an aftertaste? Sounds very worrying…

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    I once wished that I was really in Ragnarok Online, that would have been interesting, but enemies who refused to die…that’s a nightmare…

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