Yebber 1st Anniversary Party (belated report)

People sure know how to throw parties these days!

Hot on the heels of Nuffnang Pajama Party was the Yebber 1st Anniversary Party.

It was held last Friday night at a very interesting venue called the Mint Museum of Toys. It instantly turned us into kids.

[Daphne and Sheylara with Hello Kitty rattlers]

There was a bagful of childish noise-makers (rattlers, clickers, etc) at the reception table for us to choose from. Daphne and I just happened to pick the same ones! (I picked mine at random.)

After getting our noise-makers and our name tags, we were allowed into the museum to check out the toys.

[Personalised name tag!]

A side note first. I love my name tag! It’s so cute and our names are individually printed, which wins top marks from me!

The girls had Betty Boop cartoons while the guys had…

[Personalised name tag!]

…I dunno. Who’s that??

Haha. Two Michaels!

Okay, back to the museum.

The small building is filled with toys in glass cases. What’s special about the toys is that they are all antiques (I think).

[Rows and rows of old toys]

I’m not really interested in these toys, so I didn’t really check out the displays. I prefer electronic toys!

But I was amused by how the original Mickey Mouse looks like a dirty rat.

[Rare original Mickey Mouse]

I still prefer my Hello Kitty rattler!

[Sheylara and Hello Kitty]

Early in the party, a few people amused themselves with the ancient Five Stones game.

[I see eight stones here]

Some took time to sign the guestbook.

[Party guestbook]

Some camwhored (even though they were starving, particularly Sheylara).

[Jean and Sheylara]
With Sweet Jean, who has laryngitis and can’t talk for three months.

[Sheylara and Claudia]
With Super Claudia, organiser of awesome party.

Most others hung out in comfortable cliques.

[I see eight stones here]

And then the party started!

It started with a speech (or two), as do most parties.

Yebber co-founder Darren gave us an entertaining speech which was complemented by “flash cards”.


Yes, I am!


Thank you!

[Thank You!]

You’re welcome!

[Yebber founders]

Looking swell, guys.

And then, it was time to eat!

I hastily took two obligatory lousy shots of the food.


I didn’t want to hog the buffet table because there was a pack of professional food photographers and food bloggers queueing up to take photos of the food.

And there was also a horde of hungry people waiting impatiently for the photographers and bloggers to hurry up and get their photos done so everyone could start eating.


I must say the food was really good. No less than we all expected of a Yebber party!

Once our stomachs were filled and our clothes dotted with spilled food stains, the games began.


This is super cute! I’ve never played Bingo at a party before.

In fact, I’ve only ever played Bingo once in my life, when I was seven or thereabouts, when my parents bought us a Bingo board game.

We were each given two game cards.

[Bingo cards]

Numbers were picked and called out and marked on the game board as we maniacally folded tabs when we had matching numbers.

[Bingo board]

I didn’t win but that’s alright because it was fun!

In between games, there was a cake-cutting ceremony.

[Yebber birthday cake]

What a yummy looking cake! But we didn’t get to eat it. Why har?? I want to eat cake!!

The last event of the night was the lucky draw. And what a lucky draw it was!!

18 awesome prizes were given out!!! WOW.

The first three prizes given out…

[First three prizes]

And the rest…

[Prizes galore!!!]

Mice and webcams and MP3 players and subscriptions to magazines and memberships to spas!


[Winning a lucky draw prize]

I was the second last person to be picked. How nerve wracking was that, sitting through 16 other wins and wondering if my name card would ever get picked!

My prize is a Creative ZEN Stone Plus. It’s sooooo cute looking! I love it to bits!

[Creative ZEN Stone Plus]

I felt quite amazed at winning this because it was the only thing I really wanted to win out of the store of prizes.

Thanks, Yebber! You’re the best!

The party ended with a group shot.

Many group shots, actually.

[Normal group shot]

[Pointing randomly group shot]

[Pointing at camera group shot]

Totally insane!

And silly Claudia was so freaked out the entire week prior to the party, worrying that something will go wrong.

Well, nothing went wrong. I had a great time and I believe the other guests did, too.

I took some photos of myself while waiting for the Goonfather to come with my sooty chariot, Makkuro Kurosuke.

Here’s a blur-looking me.

[A blur Sheylara]

And a blurrer-looking me trying to pose with my prize but failing miserably.

[A blurrer Sheylara]

A group of youngsters standing by the road were giving me weird looks so i decided to stop camwhoring.

Which was just as well, or I would have ended up with a whole bunch of blurry photos instead of just two.

This wondrous night was made possible by happy one-year-old Yebber. Check it out if you haven’t already!

I’m already looking forward to the 2nd anniversary!

24 thoughts on “Yebber 1st Anniversary Party (belated report)

  1. Avatar

    nice cute little stone u got there(mp3 player) :D
    woah, see food hungry, hehe seeing this reminds me to go eat dinner… hahaha

    Nice party you have there.

  2. Avatar

    Jesta: But I think I look nicer in blurry pics. At least my flaws are not pronounced. :P

    JayWalk: Well, go only if you’re really interested in toys. Cos got admission fee of $15 per adult. :P

    Ashtar83: Yeah, isn’t it sooooo cute! :) Gosh, I’m hungry too seeing my own photos. Haha. It’s midnight now… my dinner all digested and gone. :P

    ladyironchef: Well, it was a long party. Hahaha. It could be longer. But I’m really really tired out man. lol. I still have so many events waiting for me to write up!

    Kim: Well, sorry but I haven’t actually tested it yet so I can’t tell you whether it’s good or not! I love gadgets but sometimes I’m just lazy to open them and try them out right away. I know, it’s weird.

  3. Avatar

    I have exactly one of the Zen stone plus! Be careful when you use it though, mine has scratches already, it’s best to get a casing for it or something ^^

  4. Avatar

    Pingping: Oooh, thanks for the warning! But it’s such a tiny little thing. I don’t think I’ve seen such a tiny case before. Or maybe I haven’t really looked yet. :P

  5. Avatar

    Wow! Very detail and well written! And congrats on ur win! Have fun with it! I also love my stone plus lots. But I bought mine slightly earlier, w/o the speakers thou. :(

  6. Avatar

    You can find the casings at those creative shops,
    but better get them while they’re on discount,
    they go for ridiculous prices like $25 per casing the last time I saw! =x

    (during discounts is only like $7 per casing!)

  7. Avatar

    And we din get to eat the cake at the nuffnang party too!!
    Why birthday parties nowadays boh cake to eat de!! =(
    *sulks and whines….* =P

  8. Avatar

    hihi…so fast the party happened last week!

    i look at you…you were smiling at everyone…

    i walked past and say “hi” but no reaction from you…

    nevertheless, i can see that you’re enjoying yourself, walking around taking photographs!

    have a great weekend!

  9. Avatar

    Claudia: Heh, thanks and thanks! Thanks for inviting me to the party!!

    Pingping: Hmm, ok, will look out for the discounts. lol. Thanks!

    PG: So are the 17 others who won, eh? :)

    haleluya: What’s wrong with getting fatter? I am in fact trying to get fatter. Haha.

    aloe: Maybe the cakes not big enough to go around so many people. Especially the Nuffnang one lah. One little cake how to share 300 people? lol.

    Bobo: Great to see you.. in the video! heh.

    rinaz: Haha, great one rinaz!!

    modchip: So busy! lol.

    Leonard: Did you say hi while walking past or did you stand in front of me to say hi? Maybe you walk too fast, before I can hear you, you’re gone already? Haha. Anyway sorry I didn’t notice. Next time will try to watch out for you ok? :P

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