Xiaxue gets flamed on high-profile USA blog

This is really quite hilarious. You guys know Xiaxue has her own Internet TV show called Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, right?

In her latest episode, she got conned by her producers to review a fake China-made iPhone, thinking that it’s the real iPhone. Hahaha. After that, they did the candid camera routine, had a good laugh, and then gave her the real iPhone to try out.

Now, in her review, she dissed the iPhone, using words such as “sucks”, “mediocre” and “shitty” to describe it. Gizmodo, a prolific USA tech blog which receives 50 million page views a month, picked up her video and featured it, calling it “either the best or the worst iPhone review ever”.

The video pissed off an entire community of Apple lovers, resulting in a flame war.

This is the video.

Now, check out some of the comments posted in Gizmodo.

Remind me never to travel to Singapore. My thoughts of that country have been tainted forever. How can ANYONE stand to listen to this half-wit for more than 30 seconds? She’s not clever, cute, or smart. She’s just painfully obnoxious. I demand the last 2 minutes of my life back! — QuailRider

Best review ever!…totally kidding is was TOTALLY shitty….the pain…i can’t beleive that i watched it all. — Mike918

God I want to kill her eyelashes. — humorbot

pardon me while I plot her untimely demise. — s017jrs

ROFL funny ass sh*t!

Of course, it’s even funnier watching Apple fanboys going nutballs taking this seriously… they would be so watching the whole video and laughing at it if this was about a Windows Mobile phone or something… — Bokusatsu_Tenshi

Read more here.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not crowing over Xiaxue getting flamed. This is like just another notch on her bed post for her. She can handle it. She’s tough and above flames. She eats flames for breakfast.

I just find the comments very funny.

My good friend Chong, who was the one who sent me the Gizmodo link, said, “Can Singapore disown her?”

I think that’s mean.

For the record, I rather enjoy reading Xiaxue’s blogs and watching her videos. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I cannot deny that she’s very, very entertaining. Plus she did get picked up by NLB to be in the National Archives, so how can we possibly disown her? She’s Singapore’s… uh… renegade darling.

Chong went on to say, “That’s the biggest reason why Singapore has no iPhone yet. Cos Steve Jobs reads Gizmodo.”

“Seriously,” he added.

Well, I really don’t know.

But I thought the video was really funny. And the comments that resulted were even funnier. I feel entertained. That has to count for something.

(P.S. I will not be replying to comments for this post for obvious reasons. Unless you say something that really compels me to.)

55 thoughts on “Xiaxue gets flamed on high-profile USA blog

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    I don’t normally agree with XX and I think her attitude sucks… but I had to admit that she’s not dumb! This is definitely a calculated move to draw more attention to her blog. And personally I don’t mind watch Apple Fanbois and her supporters neutralise one another.

    The world will be a better place after that. HEIL!

  2. Avatar

    Actually right, what’s the big deal? She has been doing it, its her interests, and just like our own blog, it’s hers. Anyway, she already mentioned at the start of the review that she will be dissing the Iphone, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  3. Avatar

    actually i was wondering, she said its not bad for a china phone what..i though that should be insulting to the chinese? lol.. she is obviously not doing a comparison between the real and fake iphones..haha..unless the readers of gizmodo are too blind to understand

  4. Avatar

    Just getting attention in an interesting way. She wont be who she is if she just post a ‘normal’ video.

    There is no perfect phone, not even iPhone for sure.

  5. Avatar

    Well basically i think that it is jus a AA situation? But how did gizmo site know most prob is one of those bloggers who had bad blood with her like steven lim? He is one of the biggest possibility. But I admire your courage to blog this though knowing our little star blogger might just kick a fuss up. But since it is kinda neutral I think she will just let it pass i guess.

  6. Avatar

    I don’t think Xiaxue will kick up a big fuss. Like I said, all this is really beneath her attention. Or she’s probably really amused by the attention from Gizmodo. Anyway, I did say I like her videos and her blogs, so I don’t think she’s got anything against me, lol.

  7. Avatar

    Who else but XiaXue has the ability to attract so much attention just because of a tongue-in-cheek video? ;)

    I think all the hate comments were just too funny as they are really really taking her too seriously. Not coming to Singapore just because of one blogger, one video? Sheesh! :p

  8. Avatar

    iPhone ftw!

    Actually Chong is very weird… not too long ago, he was dissing the iPhone as well.

    Ah well.

    iPhone ftw!

  9. Avatar

    well, she ‘educated’ a whole new audience to her brand of caustic, vapid and visceral sense of humour on her blog. How many of us can claim to kena ‘gizmodoed’?

    confirm this is fake. there’s no way you can be in Singapore today, maintain a blog and not know a real iphone from a fake iphone. totally taking the piss out of a common western misconception that AZNs don’t know anything.

    and Gizmodo called her Asian, not Singaporean… lotsa cultural undercurrents there. oooh.. so juicy, i should have a go blogging about this..

  10. Avatar

    It’s good that iPhone doesn’t come to Singapore. It will only tarnish Apple’s image. Imagine, proudly launching an Edge technology phone in a society that is living on 3G and 3.5G standards…. It is like trying to sell 386 computers today. hahaha……

  11. Avatar

    well she’s anti-apple, she doesnt have to know how exactly the iphone looks like.
    the video is purely entertaining though.
    mac users are too cool for nails? lol.

  12. Avatar

    I don’t know why they are taking it so seriously. It’s a lighthearted vid and is funny as hell. Why do ppl have nothing better to do than diss others? XX is stating her own opinion, I think ppl needa lighten up. Going through life that seriously isn’t hazardous for your health.
    Apples suck anyway.

  13. Avatar

    Finally! someone finally said it. I’ve read her blog and it was the most painful thing I have seen in a long long time.

    The absolute senseless drivel in her blog almost gave me a stroke. Here’s my impression of Xiaxue’s blog:

    “Today I took a dump. It looked really cute and squiggly. I put some strawberry sauce on it in the shape of a smiley face. It was so awesome. That’s why you must buy this strawberry sauce which also removed a little spot on my face when I was 13 years old.

    Smiley faces!!”

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    wendy cheng aka xiaxue is the most ignorant singaporean I have ever seen. Go read her latest blog post about smokers and her ridiculous rant about a fatty steak her precious white botfriend ate. She should just stick that up her fatty ass and maybe she will feel better about herself. I am sure many singaporeans hope that she isn’t singaporean as she definitely is giving singapore a very bad name.

  16. Avatar

    I got pissed when she dissed the iPhone because it’s my fave but got over it as it was meant to be a joke.

  17. Avatar

    damn xiaxue is sooo famous
    no wonder ppl are jealous cuz some ppl just cant understand why she so damn famous
    i mean she doesnt even need a job she gets paid sooo much money
    more then her husband

  18. Avatar

    She’s a moron. Here’s a totally immature interview she had with one of the top plastic surgeons in Singapore. She’s giggling like some middle school kid who has heard the v word for the first time in public: http://youtu.be/zL_xcNCtjBU

  19. Avatar

    At first i was pissed cus i thought Steve Jobs deserve more than that, but then again it was entertaining to see how stupid someone could possibly be! I’m not trying to be mean to her, but most of her videos just blank obnoxious n sound like a stupid teen rather than married woman….Overall i think she’s really ok up to some point, past that point, i just want to make her lips pout without that surgery

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