Was I at Ogilvy’s The Open Room or not?

I have been so tired for the past two weeks that I totally didn’t have the strength to take photographs at the Ogilvy social event (The Open Room) last night.

To be honest, I have been totally obsessed with my gaming publication project, working on it and thinking about it 24/7. I have to. I was given an impossible deadline for the first two issues.

So, when I arrived at The Ogilvy Centre at 5 pm, all I could think of was, “Where’s the food?”

I hadn’t had a single bite to eat all day, so busy was I.

In fact, it’s right now 8ish pm and I’m having a chocolate bar for dinner. I’m really upset, because I bought two party packs of Delphi Top chocolate bars and it’s not really nice. I would have bought Time Out or Twix or Picnic but can you believe Watson’s didn’t have those??

Anyway, Top was the nearest thing so I bought it. And then, at the counter, the auntie told me that I can get two packs for, like, very cheap. So I bought two whole packs.

Now I’m stuck with 20 chocolate bars I don’t really like. It’s not awful, it just doesn’t have the woohoo that Cadbury chocolate bars have.

Why the hell am I talking about chocolate bars?

So, I attended The Open Room last evening, all stoned because I hadn’t eaten anything and I hadn’t slept the night before.

But I think I managed to pull through and even engage myself in a few passably intelligent conversations.

I chatted with Suzanna from Yahoo!, Shi from Nokia, Brian from Ogilvy and The Goonfather from Sheylara.com.

Yes, I took the Goonfather with me. I thought it was a good idea to expose him to the kind of circle I’m hanging out in.

Of course, I also chatted with friends like Daryl, nadnut, DK, Nic, Farinelli, Sabrina, Jean, but that’s nothing remarkable. We always chat.

What a chatty night. Now I feel like I dreamt it all because I was in such a daze.

I totally forgot to take photos until halfway through the event. When Tania of Ogilvy was giving a speech, I saw some bloggers take out their cameras. Then I remembered that I owned a camera. And that a camera was used to take photographs. And that photographs are sometimes useful things to use in blogposts. And that I was a blogger who needs to make daily blogposts.

Interesting. Ah.

I continued listening to Tania’s sexy-chirpy voice and tried to pretend that I wasn’t a blogger and that I didn’t have a camera.

That worked pretty well.

Tania finished her speech. Then Mr John Bell, who is a big shot Ogilvy man, gave a speech. Then I headed for the food, totally forgetting about my camera and my blog.

But all is not lost!!

I have ONE PHOTO!!


[How about a threesome?]

This was taken just before I left the party. A last-ditch attempt to salvage the situation.

With me are pretty nadnut and pretty Jean. Aww.

Of course, there is a greater significance to The Open Room than just photographs and pretty people, but I’m not in the mood to write GP essays.

In fact, I am never in the mood to write GP essays. So you’ll just have to live with that.

Daryl has all the intelligent stuff, times two, so go and read his blog and leave me to my chocolate bar now, thanks.

One down. 19 to go.

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    See? THIS is what happens when you go and get a real job… *sigh* Do try not to let it kill you… We would miss you terribly.

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