Two school girls carrying something weird

I was in the car when I saw this. It gave me a surreal double-take moment but I recovered fast enough and proceeded to get the Goonfather’s attention by jabbing his left arm violently.

“Look, look!! Quick! What are they carrying??!!” I exclaimed excitedly.

And then I whipped out my camera like the obssessed blogger that I pretend not to be.

[The girls enjoy being twins]

It’s hard to tell for sure what those things are. Even in close-up.

[The black bunnies enjoy being slung over shoulders]

I don’t know. Are these girls crazy, or weird, or cute? Why don’t you tell me.

Anyway, I’m jealous that there weren’t cool stuff like that when I was in school. Not fair. I want to be born 100 years later. (Or maybe not.)

I wonder if the school bag plushie things are part of the school uniform. If they are, I’m sending my future (hypothetical) kid to that school.

Great. I just succeeded in making myself sound old.

32 thoughts on “Two school girls carrying something weird

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    a new “fashion trend” it’s meant to resemble a “doll/bear/bunny” and you can dress it up with scarfs/badges what not.

    also it’s quite “huge” and can stuff alot of things within it

    comes in many colors as well. some IN THING, and oh yam some schools ban it.

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    yeah, they’ve been around for a really long time. you’re like the lady in the MRT ads – “she should have gone out more”.

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    Aliens, definitely aliens. If you have ever watched the X-Files then you will be able to identify them immediately. I’m just surprised that you were able to take a picture and walk (or drive?) away.

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    Singapore schools are rubbish. They do not educate the kids, they only force them to comply. Most schools in Singapore are sub standard! The principals and teachers are stupid conservative morons who have no sense of adaptation. They only stick to the books without any thinking of their own!

    When a student wears something out of uniform, the school not happy. And when these students buy uniform bags to carry, the school not happy. Either way you do it, it is still wrong. That is why Singaporeans are complaining about something everyday. MRT congestion, ERP, traffic congestion, no taxi, taxi price hike…. blah.. blah……

    Hahah…. if a student were to write this, he/she will get suspended. Well…. What are these so called “educators” gonna do about me? ..i..

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    That’s why I chose to walk away from making children in school from moulds. I’m not made from a mould and therefore I don’t believe in making more moulds!

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    Eh, those bags aren’t “new trend” lor. I have a black bear one since Dec 2005. :/ I’d say it’s a damn frickin old trend already.

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    lols…i guess these school girls just want to get attention or they think it is cute. i have a girl in my school also carrying the same kind of bag. maybe its the trend???

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    Why everyone just focused on the bags? I think those 2 school girls are twins!! Twins with cat-like bodybags!!! Isn’t that even more bizzare??!

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    tat is a bag. and is out for so long. u can find it at bugis street. and tat bag is not cheap la. waste money only. and the bag is no longer in fashion any more

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    omg i think that’s like my school?
    i think i’ve seen those 2 girls before somewhere
    in the school compound. hahaha. where
    were you when you took those pictures eh?

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    Was this mystery ever resolved? Did the aliens come? Or was it just a new designer bag? The truth is out there…

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