The Goonfather’s definition of a pap smear

Super shag.

I went for a shoot this morning with only four hours of sleep. We were filming an online video series. Like lonelygirl15 but not like lonelygirl15, if you know what I mean.

It will be uploaded tonight but I’ll show it here only if I look good in it. Haha. Super vain.

No photos of today’s shoot. It’s sometimes hard to take photos on the set because I’m too busy changing clothes and learning lines and acting. But there was an official photographer on the set today so I’ll see if I can get some photos from him.

So, I’m talking rubbish today (instead of posting one of my severely backlogged event reports) because I’m half-dead and can’t think coherently enough to do a serious post.

But my rubbish is never as entertaining as the Goonfather’s rubbish, is it?

We were having lunch today (after my shoot).

I took out a piece of facial blotter to, well, blot my face. When I was done, I showed it to the Goonfather, just like how a kid would show his booger to his little sister.

“Looky!” I said. “So much oileeee!”

This is one of those things you would only show a partner who’s been with you for years. You would never do that with your first date, I’ll bet. People are funny that way.

The Goonfather stared at my oily blotter for two seconds, studying it carefully.

Then he asked, very seriously, “Is this a pap smear?”

“WTF are you talking about??” I said.

“There, first you pap pap all over your face. Then you got a smear on that paper.”



Someone kill me already.

22 thoughts on “The Goonfather’s definition of a pap smear

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    Just a note… “super shag” means great sex. “Super shagged” either means that you’ve just had great sex or that you are very tired…
    From your resident English slang expert.

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    I thought you were refering to Dr Chee Soon Juan when you titled it pap smear.

    Ok ok…. Wrong number. pap smear. Not PAP smear…. Sorlie sorlie…

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    FoxTwo: Good point meh? It’s a lame joke wat. :P

    Bobo: Okay, tell us what he says!

    abraxis: Umm…. okay, shall I start a Goonfather Fan Club? Hehe.

    starm|st: Yah, corny as only guys can be.

    Monster: Haha.. he’s always a goondu.

    Wang Wang: Yah yah, but you better don’t whack him for real, or he will do worse to you than your shifu does when you whack him. lol.

    Jesta: Thanks for the lesson. I guess it doesn’t hurt to cause a bit of envy around here? lol.

    Minou: Haha. That’s really something because you’re hardly ever speechless!

    JayWalk: Wah… I think you and the Goonfather will really get along very well.

    modchip: I’m glad he’s getting so much support for his lame jokes!!!

    Hisham: OMG. Ask your whole office to read my blog k? Haha.

    precious: OMG I can’t believe you came up with a sequel to the Goonfather’s lame joke!! OMG.

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    Mother: Eh… you didn’t know what a pap smear is?

    uglyfatchick: You guys are lucky I only talk about the more reasonable stuff he says. Some of his “funny” is so lame you really want to kill him after he says it. Haha.

    Mince Pye: Please do that yourself. I want to watch show. The Mincing of Mince Pye. Hahaha.

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