Tender chicken and juicy sotong balls

The best time to write a food post is when you’re hungry.

Drool over your own photos, salivate at your words, die of hunger at your own hands.

Totally evil and masochistic.

So, today, I’m drooling over something which was already famous before I was born. (Really.)

It’s the Clementi Road Paper-Wrapped Chicken!

[A plate of wrapped up chicken]

[A piece of wrapped up chicken]

[A piece of unwrapped chicken]

It doesn’t look very appetising in the picture but I assure you it tastes great. The bite-size chicken pieces are all tender and juicy as hell.

This delicacy can be found at a place called Union Farm Eating House, which serves a wide range of Chinese food. But everyone goes there mainly to eat the paper-wrapped chicken.

You’ll love the surroundings. It’s an old, rickety building sitting on a piece of kampong land boasting overgrown grass and granite pebbles that threaten to trip high-heeled ladies.

As you sit at your table waiting for your meal, you’ll be entertained by a neverending series of disturbing noises that sound like a cross between a baby crying and pigs in heat.

It is the sound of chickens getting slaughtered for your meal. Apparently.

That’s a bit sick but you’ll learn to tune out the sound and look forward to having a very, very fresh meal.

We also ordered this:

[Juicy balls of sotong]

Super must-try sotong balls.

Very solid, very juicy, very tasty. But you must eat it while its hot before it loses its oomph.

I didn’t eat it right away, you see. While my friends were oohing and aahing and omg-ing about how the juice spurts out when you bite into each ball, I was busy photographing my food.

When I finally had time to take a bite, my response was, “So nice meh? Siao lah, you all. Normal only wat.”

And then they all started throwing peanuts and napkins at me.


Tsk tsk. Such violent friends have I.

Union Farm Eating House is at 435A Clementi Road. (It’s just beside the Singapore Institute of Management and very easy to find.)

18 thoughts on “Tender chicken and juicy sotong balls

  1. Avatar

    sinful sinful oily oily
    paper wrapped chicken, chicken wrapped in paper then wrapped with chicken in the paper with chicken in paper ahahahahaha

    its just remind me of the canto short clip.

  2. Avatar

    Agreed on the chicken. To die for, literally. Nice and tender, and at the same time oily as hell.. Its been a while since i last went there, your blog just triggered some hidden food cravings…. :)

  3. Avatar

    Hahaha! Have not been there in ages. Yeah, the chicken is good but very oily! I didn’t know they kill the chickens on the spot… Yes, the building does look rickety. :)

  4. Avatar

    Ashtar83: Right. I have no idea what you just said!

    Rykarx: Oh, yeah. It’s really oily so can’t eat too much. Will feel gross after a while. :P

    Wang Wang: Lucky I have an innate ability to tune off sounds. (Except when I’m trying to sleep.)

    JayWalk: Haha… your parents used to bring you there?

    Ben: Maybe they didn’t kill any chickens when you were there. Lucky you!

  5. Avatar

    It actually doesn’t look that appealing, for a change. You might just have helped my diet instead of your more usual attempts to make me forget it.

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: You’re welcome! lol. I’ll try harder next time to ruin your diet. :P

    Ashtar83: Hahahaaha what a stupid lame show but damn funny!!

    ladyironchef: Haha. Job hazards of a food blogger. :P

  7. Avatar

    Chicken in a bag. Reminds me of my days in the mob when chickens wouldn’t pay their bills. We would wrap them in plastic and send their families a post card from KFC.

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