Suffering an epic nightmare

I’m actually too busy to blog today. Between moving house and my new editorial work and entertaining the Goonfather’s rubbish, I’m lucky I even have time to have nightmares.

But I don’t want people to get upset if I miss a day blogging, thinking that I’ve been abducted by aliens or something equally nuts. So, here’s a quickie!

Once in a while, when I’m stressed out, I get what I call epic nightmares. These involve a drama or adventure that play through my entire sleep and have themes of death and violence.

Like, there was this time I dreamt about being trapped in a haunted house with my friends. It took us forever to escape and we encountered endless horrible things in the process.

Or this other one about an ex-boyfriend trying to kill me so I had to kill him back but no matter how much I slashed at him, he refused to die.

Last night/this morning, my nightmare was about witnessing a group murder in broad daylight, in full view of hundreds of people, after which a revenge took place involving the attempted murder of the original murders’ instigator, after which I was made to witness gory interrogation sessions, during which I cried and cried to the point of exhaustion because I couldn’t stand seeing people get hurt, after which I became some kind of special agent sent to investigate the crimes.

The dream gripped me so tightly that I didn’t wake up until past 2 pm.

I had gone to bed around 4 am and set my alarm for 10 am. But when my alarm rang, I was so deep in the dream that I didn’t hear the snoozes till 11 am, and then I was so groggy and spaced out that I turned the alarm off and continued sleeping/dreaming.

I hate when this happens.

I’ll bet if I were still 16, my parents would ban me from playing video games. Haha. (But it’s not the games lah. I haven’t played a violent game in ages.)

Do you get epic nightmares, too?

10 thoughts on “Suffering an epic nightmare

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    I had a “nightmare” (I quote it because I’m not sure if it was. If it was a movie, it wouldn’t be like The Ring or not even Resident Evil type of action. Hack, it wasn’t even a bit like Bad Boys – not that it is a horror sort – but there wasn’t much action) last night. Some weird shite about someone trying to assasinate me (no shit, it wasn’t even simple murder)

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    I do. They are usually related to natural disasters or war, but not really bloody or violent.

    I remember seeing expressways breaking apart, A LOT of satellites falling down from the sky (beautiful to look at, but was actually quite frightening too), earthquakes, etc.. all happening in Singapore.

    Ah I guess I’ve watched too many end-of-the-world movies.

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    I have epic dreams. Some of them are like mini-series. Some of them are like trilogies. And a few of them are like sequels.

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    Strange… I particularly liked the quote: “I’m actually too busy to blog today.” and then you go on to blog!

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    I saw dead bodies yesterday. -_- Wherever I go. One woman who was going outstation even hid the dead body of her husband, wrapped up like a mummy in a huge double bass case, and I actually thought “you won’t get pass the immigration like that”. -_-|||

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    I usually have, mostly being chased by a half-bodied woman with bat-like wings and giant cockroaches in a dense forest.

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    I have had nightmares with background music and even special camera shots like bullet time and hi-speed camera slow motion (detail).

    Your brain is telling you to write a crime novel, but with the blogging, and editing job and video games and no time remaining the only outlet is these epic nightmares.

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    yeah i have those too, similar to what ruok said. lol. most involved me being trapped in some place [like a house], not being able to escape, and having to experience all sorts of ‘tests’ – kinda like the congratulations-you-have-passed-level-one-let’s-go-to-level-two type, only more morbid.

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    I must say that, on the whole, your dreams sound a lot more exciting than mine. I wonder if it is due to the games or just to an overactive imagination…

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