14 thoughts on “Social Media Breakfast: Singapore (through the eyes of a bimbo-geek)

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    Daryl Tay: Haha, don’t thank me. I should have written this like a week ago. :P Will e-mail you the picture!

    Hisham: Heya! Me too! ;)

    Bryan Person: I’m very honored by your presence in my blog. And also very appalled that I neglected to pay tribute to the parent SMB in my blogpost! That has been fixed, though (ref. last paragraph of post.) Thanks for creating the SMB and supporting our event! ;)

    modchip: Thanks, mate! I’m waiting to hear about SMB Philippines someday… maybe? ;)

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    Hi babe!

    Wow you took longer to write than me! hehehe…but it was real nice meeting you that day, but I didn’t really get to talk to you, what with the swarms of guys around you and all ;)

    See you soon!

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    “People are strange” – In other news today… “Pope is Catholic” and “Bears shit in woods”

    Of course people are odd… That’s why they are so interesting, and why we all read your blog (OK, YOU are cute AND strange, but still)

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    oi! whats with the gender-confuse. i’m not! lol!

    Ah, very busy leh, haven got time to write a post on this and the yebber party yet, hope to do it by this weekend, was busy shifting my blog last two weeks. haha!

    Keeo your posts coming : )


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    Miccheng: Thanks Mic! Hey, you deserve the plug. It’s a great video!!

    Nabilah: Haha, yeah. I just have too many things to write about these days, lol. Great meeting with you, too, and really thanks alot for providing the venue. I love your sandwiches!!! ;)

    Jesta: Well…. THANKS! I think…

    ladyironchef: You are, stop denying it! lol. Good luck with your blog shifting! Looking forward to reading your post. ;)

    modchip: Haha. Maybe you can come up with the idea and arrow someone else to organise it for you, lol. :P

    Vandalin: Um… our bad! The post-its weren’t really sticky and they kept falling off. :(

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