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  1. I’m v v v v v v tired and stressed!!!
  2. After I finished packing for the night (for moving house), I went to shower… and realised that I had packed and sealed ALL my clothes. I have no clothes to wear now.
  3. I’m moving in four hours’ time and am not done packing. But will leave the dribs and drabs for next week since we’ll still have this house until then.
  4. The new Nuffnang poll thing is pretty cool, isn’t it? I’m surprised that I have 70% babe readers to 30% dude readers. I always thought it was equal, based on the comments I get. Either that or you dudes are all lazy.
  5. I’m sorry I haven’t been replying comments. At last count, I have 110 comments unreplied. It takes me an average of one minute to reply each comment. I don’t have 110 minutes to spare. :(
  6. I will make the Goonfather play Grand Theft Auto IV later and put it on YouTube for all you kan cheong spiders. Provided the new TV and home entertainment system works as planned.
  7. I have removed myself from the Top Commenter’s list. Haha. Sorry, that was a glitch.
  8. The Goonfather earlier shared with us all his past hilarious experiences with telemarketers. Will release the stories here as a series. Watch out for them!
  9. Statistics show that people prefer reading in point form. Will you still read my blog every day if I started blogging only in point form?
  10. I love baby lizards.

11 thoughts on “Sheylara Updates

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    1. i know how is it feels… early this months just move to a new place

    4. we are too lazy to focus on the small things… unless u put on the blog that you have the poll ?!

    8. will wait for it…. it must be hilarious …..

    9. no issue whether its point or story like … as long its interesting can already :D

    10. are you sure?? love as in you will touch or kiss the lizard lol ….

  2. Avatar

    well you move it, you gotta unpack it sometime, sooner of later with no escape.

    hehehe, packing and unpacking, you get the joy of fulfillment in the end.

    Its not male reader are lazy, thou sometime i find the topic i have no words or comment to put, can’t be I must put a smiley face there even i have no comment, only post when i feel its appropriate, neither im rushing for Top10 Commenters hehehe.

    What lizards btw? house type or something from the jungle :O

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    Wait wait!! Does that mean you’re walking around the house nekid after the shower? Quit teasing Goonfather like that!! We need him alive to play GTA IV!!

    Anyhows, Age of Conan is launching soon! Maybe you can do an article on it too? :D

    You know where to find us barbarians, muahaha!

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    Age of Conan sound cool, as there is player made cities!!!
    sound like swg but in medival timeline…

    wonder will there be a fashion designer named Sheylara in that time :D hahahaha

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    “After I finished packing for the night (for moving house), I went to shower… and realised that I had packed and sealed ALL my clothes. I have no clothes to wear now.”

    No one is forcing you to wear clothes. Feel free to do otherwise and blog about it. With pictures of course.

    Goonfather also has no clothes?? Slurp!

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    Ohhhh.. nekkid QY… groovy~ hot hot hot hot!!!!! O+O

    Errrr nekkid goonie…. =_=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Y do you luv baby lizards? what’s the origin of this issue with lizards?

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