Great Hamster Giveaway

I’m not giving away hamsters, of course. What I’m giving away are my hamster stuff because I don’t have time to keep hamsters anymore.

So I’m doing a giveaway contest for everyone to have fun and win stuff! Let’s have a look at the prizes.

The Prizes

They are mostly brand new. Some have never been used. Those that have, have only been used for two months and have been thoroughly cleaned, so they’re good as new!

#1 Pink Princess Castle

#2 Cosy hamster cottage

#3 Hamster house and bathroom

#4 Hamster wheel

#5 Hamster bed with cooling pad

#6 Hamster couch with cooling pad

#7 Hamster bathroom

#8 S.A.M. feeder

#9 Capsule hamster bathtub

#10 Cardboard playpen

#11 Cardboard playpen

#12 Mini food dish

#13 Grow Your Own Grass (hamster food)

#14 Hamster ball

#15 Feeding bottle

#16 S.A.M. elbow tube (x2)

#17 Wood carrot chew toy (x2)

How The Contest Works

Perform easy actions and get credits! Each credit you earn gives you one chance to win. A lucky draw will be conducted at the end of the contest. As long as you have one credit, you’re in the running for a prize. But get as many credits as you can to improve your chances of winning!

Simple Rules

  1. Use the same name and e-mail address for all the actions you perform so I can keep proper track of your credits.
  2. E-mail all entries (or questions) to
  3. People living outside of Singapore can take part and win! (You just can’t win the Pink Princess Castle, unless you’re willing to pay for shipping).

Ways To Earn Credits

  1. Post a comment here saying “Sign me up!”. (1 credit)
  2. Write a post on your blog about this contest, linking to this page. E-mail me the post URL when it’s done. (5 credits)
  3. Ask your friends (who are not taking part) to write a post on their blogs about this contest. E-mail me the post URL when it’s done and remember to say your name so I know who to give the credits to. (5 credits per post)
  4. Put me on your blogroll or links page. E-mail me the URL when you’re done. (3 credits)
  5. Participate in the daily banner contest. (1-3 credits per day)

Daily Banner Contest

  1. Every day, you will see a different question on the contest banner on my blog’s side bar.
  2. Each question will be displayed for 24 hours, so check back every day to see a new question.
  3. Write your answer and hold on to it.
  4. There will be 20 questions in total.
  5. At the end of it, e-mail me all the answers you’ve collected.
  6. You don’t have to answer all questions, but more questions answered means more credits!

The first question will appear on April 17, 2008. Remember to check every day to get the daily question! Once a question is gone, it won’t be shown again!

Prize Collection

  1. Winners will be notified by e-mail.
  2. For people living in Singapore, I will specify a time and place for everyone to collect your prizes.
  3. For people living outside of Singapore, I will mail the prize to you, but allow 6-10 weeks for shipping.

That’s all! It’s very simple! Sign up now, tell all your friends and win some really cute hamster stuff!

Start earning credits now!

*The contest is over! Thank you all for your participation!*

106 thoughts on “ Great Hamster Giveaway

  1. Avatar

    Thanks everyone for signing up! Remember, there is no time limit for signing up! Of course, do it before the contest ends lah! Thanks! :)

    ladyironchef: Yeah I think so too. I miss my hammies. :(

    Mike M: If I ran an essay or story contest, I’ll probably get like 2 entries. lol.

    Daphne Maia: Thanks, dear! Haha. Well, I suppose it doesn’t make sense to join the contest if you don’t have hamsters and are not planning to get any. :P

    Tim: I believe they can’t. Haha. They’ll just use the dining room as a bathroom and use the bathroom as a bed. I think all these cute things are more for the benefit of the owner!

    Tianhong: Er….. my hamsters are no longer around. I’m only giving away stuff.

  2. Avatar

    If only my hamster’s still around.. or maybe I should get a new hamster..
    Nah. I’m not a good owner. I guess I’ll give it a miss. But I’ll blog on this though. :) All the best to everyone. :)

  3. Avatar

    Sign me up! I just got a hamster Ebichu, she is a month old and although I tend to over worry about everything she’s getting along great right now.

  4. Avatar

    JN: Of course I don’t mind if you use the pictures. Go ahead! :)

    Maddy: Yes, you did sign up already, and I’ve just sent you a new e-mail! ;)

  5. Avatar

    Hi, i’m syndicatee. and i won the 2nd price #2 Cosy hamster cottage but you never got back to me regarding how i can collect my prize. I emailed you numerous times. its been months.



  6. Avatar

    Terribly sorry! After a few times of not being able to arrange a suitable meetup time for both parties, I got really busy couldn’t follow up on this for a while. Thanks for reminding me! Your prize is still sitting in my room waiting… :P Will email you to try to arrange another time. Thanks for your patience!

  7. Avatar

    Sorry, my dear, but the prizes have all been won. Well, there are the carrot chew toys left because the winner hasn’t responded to all my e-mails and he hasn’t contacted me so it seems he’s not going to claim his prize. But I don’t suppose you want to pay $50 for that. :P

  8. Avatar

    Sheylara can I take that prize then please I can use that for my newly up comming baby hamster in october or at least two morw weeks. S o can I please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please PLease Please Please PLease Plaese Please please PLease Please Please Please Pl ease pLease Please? Preetttyyyy Please with a cheery on top!
    soooooooooooooo Pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. Avatar

    Dear Briana, just a few points to note:

    1. Some people have a life and something called “work” and don’t have time to reply e-mails or comments every day.

    2. I don’t owe you anything and am not obliged to reply you or even send you anything, am I?

    3. $10 can barely cover postage for the chew toys.

    4. Calling people names isn’t exactly the best way to get them to do something for you.

    5. You might want to try shopping in pet shops in your own country. Seems to me to be a more convenient way to get pet toys.

    I wish your hamsters all the best!

  10. Avatar

    First of all I didn’t call you a name or bitch that was another person and I have no idea who that was anyway! second of all I don’t give a crap what the fuck you say and third fine America has more nicer things anyway bitch! And I’m not paying you shit for some stupid pieces of carrot chew toys! And your site is a piece of shit anyway because it’s about you and your fucking hamsters go ahed and reply back what the fuck you want because I don’t care if it’s from a wierd chinese or what the fuck you are! I DON’T CARE BITCH! BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH YOU’RE A FUCKING BITCH!

  11. Avatar

    hi i have hamster a freind of mine didnt want it so she gave it to me it is chubby grey ginger and white it is so well behaved i need to get it a treat but i cant aford a lot . my hamster still misses its old owner but if i got this i would think it would get its mind of it. i will love it to be mine but there is a lot of people wanting it so i will wait and see . talk later from leona
    oh and im 12 years old and live in the uk stalybridge 34 tudor ave sk15 3el i love the hair style bye xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Avatar

    hay can you sigh me up please bacuse i love your site and my hamster has just had a op and it needs a new cage !!

  13. Avatar

    hi ive got a hamster could Alvin he is growing out of his cage he is a golden hamster he has been sad ever since his friend Theodor past away and it would really cheer him up and if he won really he would be over the moon especially all the gadgets that come with it please sign me up

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