It was Xbox 360’s birthday, but we got presents

And the parties just keep coming. I could really get used to this!

Xbox 360 celebrated its second birthday on Thursday by inviting a group of bloggers to The Screening Room to play games.

Can anyone even think of a better way to celebrate a birthday??

It was a really exclusive party during which we were shown (and even allowed to try) upcoming highly-anticipated Xbox 360 game titles.

(The first part of my games preview report is out here.)

[Bloggers at Xbox 360 party]

I could really get used to this.

When we first arrived, we were tagged. I was told I was a ninja. Awesome blossom. We later found out that we had been split into groups for the gaming competition. Exciting.

(I was faintly disappointed that we didn’t get ninja costumes to wear but I guess I’m alone in this. Haha.)

Anyway, the first thing we did was just to mingle around and talk shop (games).

[Talking shop]

We posed for pictures.

[Posing for pictures]
(Blogger Farinelli, Microsoft rep Ian Tan and blogger Sheylara)

We watched “live” game demos.

[Watching demos]

The photo above shows me videotaping the Dragonball Z game which I embedded in my earlier blog. Now you know what lousy equipment I’m using for my videos. Haha.

We tried out Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3.

[Being rock stars]

Although I should say “they”, because I already have Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 at home.

We ate yummy food!

[Being gluttons]

That mini burger is to die for, man. I love it! But I only ate one (and a stuffed chicken wing) because I was so so busy talking about games and playing games!!

We drooled at divine yummy host Oli Pettigrew.

[Ogling Oli]

At least I think the women did.

Oli’s a gamer, too, which makes him perfect for the job of hosting the party.

There was so much to do at the party and so little time.

There was a competition!!

We had four teams of 4-5 members each. Our teams had cool names like Ninja (my team!), Rockstar, Covenant and Ghost.

The games being competed in were Bomberman, Guitar Hero 3 and Project Gotham Racing 4. One or two representatives from each team were sent to play each game and wins were tallied at the end.

Jerrick and I represented our team for Guitar Hero 3!

[Guitar Maniacs]

Well, we didn’t score the highest on GH3. I’m actually much better at drums.

But… OUR TEAM WON in the final tally!!

I could hardly believe it!

Team Ninja won!!! Haha. Cool or not? Team Ninja, like the developer for Ninja Gaiden.

Okay lah, fine, I have no shame.

Anyway, we won this.

[Team Ninja posing with prizes]

Grand Theft Auto IV long-sleeve t-shirts! OH-MY-GAWD.

I am such a game freak, getting excited over such things.

And this is, like, the third t-shirt I’ve won within a week!! (One is for the game and another was at an event I haven’t blogged about yet because I have too many things to blog about recently!)

Actually, I was a very lousy team mate. While my mates were competing in the other games, I was busy elsewhere chatting, eating, playing games, talking shop, instead of cheering them on. Haha. Sorry lah, guys!

But I love my team! You all rock!

There was a birthday-song-birthday-cake routine at the end. But the birthday cake was really special. It was a bunch of mini cakes! *lol*

[Xbox birthday cake]

Very innovative, and no messy cake cutting, either!

We were each given one to hold while we sang the birthday song. And all of us blew our own candle out. Cool, huh?

[Happy Birthday Xbox 360]

So we all had our cakes and ate it, too!

[Having our cake and eating it]

Microsoft very kindly gave away a Limited Edition Xbox 360 for the lucky draw.

And Farinelli won it!

[Big winner!]
(Lucky draw winner Farinelli poses with Microsoft’s Alan Chou and host Oli Pettigrew)

I am so jealous of him because it’s a special Halo 3 edition!!! But I’m also glad he won because he’s my team mate! And I already have an Xbox 360, anyway.

Way to go, Farinelli!!

It was Xbox 360’s birthday, but we all got presents, instead! This is my favourite kind of birthday party!!! Hahahaha.

[Goodie bags]

Let’s see what’s in the goodie bag!

[Our presents]

Two t-shirts, one of which is a limited edition Xbox 360, only 60 pieces made!

One Xbox 360 black wireless controller.

GTA4 stickers and coasters.


I realise I have tons and tons of exclamation marks in this blog entry which makes me sound like a bimbo!!!

I’m sorry!! But I can’t help it because I’m so happy and excited!!!!

More parties, please!!!


Bimbo-geek Sheylara signing out.


15 thoughts on “It was Xbox 360’s birthday, but we got presents

  1. Avatar

    Rachel: Haha. Well, you could hog the refreshments table and just enjoy the food. :P

    mayooresan: Yeah, I did! :)

    shin: I trying to look cool lah. Shhh!

    modchip: :)

  2. Avatar

    I’ve just realised that Ian Tan has crossed to the Dark Side and joined MS??? Hmmm… sad to see a journo become a Sith Lord.

  3. Avatar

    im glad you injoyed your self , i whised i had the chance to go to a party like that.

    i coulddent bleve it you guys being given free xbox 360s , so lucky

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