I’m a very angry person today!

I hate my new place.

The shower doesn’t shower, it dribbles. I don’t know if it’s because of the new shower head or the new piping or whatever, but it literally dribbles.

When you turn the knob to jet mode, it dribbles out one weak stream about 1 cm in diameter. When you turn the knob to shower mode, you get a light drizzle, under which you’d not even bother to use an umbrella if you get that kind of drizzle outdoors.


It’s even weaker than the basin faucet, which is a gentle stream of running water. If I could shower in the basin, I would. In fact, I’m now considering bathing with a cup and pail like the ancients. That would certainly be easier. Except, with the current weakass faucets, it will take me 20 minutes to fill a pail. And I probably need about five big pails of water to bathe.

It now takes me 10 minutes to wash shampoo from my hair. And I haven’t even started on the conditioning yet. Rinsing out conditioner takes 15 minutes.

I’m spending 30 freaking minutes showering now when it used to only take me 10 minutes!!

I’m going to cut my hair short again. And if anyone dares to come up and tell me that they prefer me with long hair, I’ll punch them in the face.

And here I am, trying to save time by not eating and not sleeping so that I have more time to work, but this stupid shower just negates all the sacrifice that I’m making!!

Which brings me to the next point!!!

I feel like I got conned into taking this project and I am now working my bones off for a tiny fraction of what I’m worth, pay-wise. I can’t quit now because I have more than 20 freelance writers depending on me to publish the paper so they can see their works in print and get paid.

Plus I have to finish what I started.

But I’m neglecting all my other projects, my health, my relationships, everything, for this one stupid project, for a measly project fee which I can easily earn by shooting one TV commercial in one afternoon.

I was told that IF the paper does well, I will be paid what I’m worth for future issues. Do I look like a charity organisation?? I’m not even a partner with a profit-sharing or commission scheme, so how is it MY problem whether the thing does well or not?!

And the Goonfather was supposed to take me out to dinner tonight and I told him that I haven’t eaten anything all day so I’d like dinner to be earlier if possible but it’s 8 pm now and he HASN’T CALLED or returned my SMS!!!

Am I expected to sit here and work/starve myself to death??!

The worst thing is that I can’t blame anyone for the shower thing because, I don’t know, who the hell are we supposed to blame for lousy showers?? I NEED SOMEONE TO BLAME FOR THE SHOWER!!!


Lucky for you today ends in approximately four hours.

18 thoughts on “I’m a very angry person today!

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    It’s almost classical that your deal with the devil ends up biting you. Very monkey’s paw.

    About the shower – you should be able to raise the water pressure somehow. mmm, actually, I forgot how.

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    And if anyone dares to come up and tell me that they prefer me with long hair, I’ll punch them in the face.

    I prefer you with long hair, you have to punch me then, but you have to go here first. LOL.

    Don’t be angry… that’s life. I’ll let you in in a little secret, my shower works like yours too. *shhhh*

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    My shower head dribbles too. -_-” I can’t do anything about it tho, because my daddy says it is to SAVE WATER. Mehs.

    Hope you fix yours!

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    Have the Goonfather to check the water mains. There should be some sort of knob to adjust the water going into the house.

    If all else fails, call the plumber.

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    “I’m spending 30 freaking minutes showering now when it used to only take me 10 minutes!!”

    Isn’t 30mins showers normal for women???

    I’m sure the majority of your writers are not writing for the fees, so “retreat” is definitely a viable option if the project is so jialat.

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    I prefer long hair too, but i hate getting punched on my beautiful face. Yep, this is one of those minor problems that everyone faces once in a while, there’ll be plenty more coming. Have fun!

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    Calm down, take a deep breath. The paper will see you for what you are any pay you accordingly, the Goodfather will be alone soon, the shower just needs a little faucet cleaner (you can get CLR at any mart there) and everything will be back to normal.

    Things happen when you move. It would be all too easy if everything went well and life is never easy – either is moving.

    It could be much, much worse.

    You got it easy right now peeps!

    Now go eat something!!

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    As soon as I saw that Lara Croft figure I figured that you were going to be working harder for less money than you should be…

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    Had the same problem and it really pissed me off too. Finally called a plumber and he had it fixed in 5 mins. My suggestion get a plumber to sort it out and please dont cut your hair

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    Check for knobs that regulate the water pressure….there could be a red knob along the water pipe leading to your shower/heater…


    turn up the water pressure knob outside ur home…a big knob near the billing meter…but do it with care…its enough pressure for water to splash all over ur face if not turned with care.

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    Yes, I hate the water pressure thingy too. My place in HK is ok. But each time I stay in my mum’s place….oh my goodness, the water pressure, is like pee dribbling! It’s sickening. And it gets worse when some idiot turns on the tap when I’m in the shower! Very annoying!

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    I doubt if you can do anything about your house’s water pressure, if the entire building (I am assuming you staying in a flat) is like that.

    Check this with your building maintenance person.

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