I have Grand Theft Auto IV in my hands!!

So, here’s the saddest irony in the world.

I have in my hands a full-build copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, five days before official release.

But I have no time to play it.

And not just for one reason. Not even two reasons. But three reasons.

  1. I have so much work to do I don’t even have enough time to sleep. I hardly even have time to blog, missing a day yesterday and almost missing today.
  2. Our projector has just been sold so we have no TV right now. (Our new plasma TV will be delivered to our new place on Saturday.)
  3. Our Xbox 360 (together with half our stuff) is now sitting in our new home. We just haven’t officially moved in.



Talk about agony.

I can’t play till official moving day on Saturday. And even then, I’ll be busy unpacking and setting up all my Internet and gaming connections all day.

So I decided to play a little at the office before going home.

I’m horrible at console games, I’ve decided. The controller has too many buttons and toggles and they are not all nicely labelled like keys on the keyboard.

I couldn’t get Niko Bellic to run properly. I couldn’t shoot the damn gun so I had to suffer this dumb NPC continuously stabbing me in the face. I couldn’t run down the stairs properly, so I got Swordplay to help me get out of the damn building and jump into a car so I could put my driving skills to the test.

He got Niko into a car for me, and the first thing I did when I took over the controller was to make Niko get out of the car again.

What. I was stress testing the car doors okay. You guys ever see the stress test machines at Ikea, where they have the machines open and close closet doors 200 million times a day?

Fine. GTA IV is totally, like, wasted on me.


But I swear I will master console gaming if its the last thing I do. Once I have time to start playing games again, that is.

But someone has to first tell my new boss that he’s working me too hard.

Oh, wait. My boss reads my blog.


Hi, boss! =)

Nothing to see here! Kthxbye.

20 thoughts on “I have Grand Theft Auto IV in my hands!!

  1. Avatar

    wow you got an advanced copy of one of the most awaited game in the planet and u got no time, TV nor console to play it, such an irony…. btw, so how’d you get your promotional copy? Is it part of your new editorial job? If you find time, kindly give us some first impression on the game, graphics, gameplay, multiplayer mode?? Kthxbye Shey…. ;p

  2. Avatar

    Is that a poster or life-size figure of Lara Croft? Does Swordplay do funny stuff with it when he stays late at work? I know my boodoo boodoo colleague would if we have 1 at our office.

  3. Avatar

    aYt! Sorry, it ain’t, I commented before even reading (just looked at the pics)… :)) You mean your office contains a solid entertainment room full of those gaming goodies??? *lucky* :-o

  4. Avatar

    lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


    more coverage plz? show more pics?
    rob that auntie please,
    kick that uncle!!!!
    Run over police pics!!!
    kill some people and show us pics??!!!

    i only hope pc version comes too

  5. Avatar

    I envy you! But as a GTA and R* fan, I’d still like to stick to the April 29 release date, which is tomorrow! Have fun with it! What’s your GamerTag? I would like to play with you on Xbox LIVE!

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    Wa!!!!! I like your job!!! Free games, can play game.. like shifu… damn shiok leh!! Heavenly fun job!!!

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    Shey! Forget GTA IV. Go get your hands of Age of Conan!! Launching soon!!

    If the censors choked on Mass Effect and GTA IV, I think they’ll completely flip out with AoC.

    Says volumes doesn’t it? :D

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