How the Goonfather foiled a telemarketer for a makeover studio

Telemarketer: Hello, I’m calling from XYZ photo studio.

The Goonfather: Yes?

Telemarketer: I’m very happy to announce that you’ve been specially selected to come for a photoshoot. We will give you two photos, valued at $480, to take home.

The Goonfather: Are you paying me?

Telemarketer: No, sir, we’re giving you the photos free. You don’t have to pay for them.

The Goonfather: I know, but are you paying me?

Telemarketer: Sir, the company will be paying.

The Goonfather: The company is paying me?

Telemarketer: Yes, the company is paying $480.

The Goonfather: So, the company is paying me $480 for the photoshoot?

Telemarketer: No, the company is paying for the photos and the makeover, valued at $480.

The Goonfather: Then how much is the company paying me?

Telemarketer: No, the company won’t be paying you.

The Goonfather: But I’m a celebrity. I get paid for photoshoots.

Telemarketer: But we only pay for models.

The Goonfather: Yah, I’m a model.

Telemarketer: But we will not be using your photos. We’ll be giving you the photos.

The Goonfather: Oh, I see. But people usually pay me to take my photo. So how much are you paying me?

Telemarketer: Oh, sorry we’re not interested. Thank you.


28 thoughts on “How the Goonfather foiled a telemarketer for a makeover studio

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    Nice work if you can get it. Maybe I should ask the property agents to sell me their houses or ask the banks to sign up for my credit cards…

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    Okay, I’m not replying individual comments for this one because everyone’s saying basically the same thing. Nevertheless, thanks for the comments! Every comment (even similar ones) is equally heartwarming. :)

    To add to the story, I was beside the Goonfather when he was having this phone call. I wasn’t really listening to his conversation because I was busy working.

    But once in a while, I caught snatches of his words. Like, when he said things like, “Yah, I’m a model” and “I get paid for photoshoots”, I was like thinking WTF since when are you a model?

    Furthermore, he was talking in a very friendly, jovial, sincere, earnest tone. I kid you not!!!

    Stupid idiot… turned out it was a joke. I was lmao when he repeated the conversation to me.

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    muahahahaha… smooth! kudos to goonfather! i shld try that on people i do not wish to talk to (ie; financial planners who pass my number around within the company for all to share)

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    i must really thank you for sharing your Goonfather’s technique. I had been receiving such nuisance calls also, maybe i can try next time. ;)

    But on the other hand, i think next time u can save your time / call cost by just replying, ‘helo???? hello… low batt… ‘ *click* I tried once, the fellow never call again >_<

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    er…those Telemarketers are pain in the ass…

    recently got this tour agency telemarketer called my standby phone and wanted to conduct a 1 min survey, since it was only 1 min, so i agreed.

    but it was a wrong decision !! coz the following week they called so many times !!

    lesson learnt :

    whether it was a 1 min or 10 seconds survey, dont entertain them ! just hang up…

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    Goonfather = The bane of telemarketers.

    QY, maybe you should do a compilation of the things he say to telemarketers.
    He drives them nuts!

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    I dunno why….. Think the telemarketers have better luck calling me than my friends. 90% of the time, my friends calls me when I am busy. Too busy to answer their calls, or too busy to answer “his”(you know who you are!) stupid questions. But when telemarketers call me, I am usually free and will happily talk to them. =D

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