Why I love the LG KS20


I’m actually very surprised to say this but I am totally in love with the LG KS20!! (And I’m not just saying that because this is an advertorial.) I’m pleasantly surprised because I’ve been a Nokia fan since forever and never thought I’d like phones of other brands. Haha.

[I love my LG KS20!]

Ok this photo is damn weird, makes my face look long.

But never mind that since this blog is about the phone and not about how my face looks. Oh, yeah, I’d better post an official picture of the phone because my photos can never do justice to the KS20 since I’m so fond of taking photos in bad lighting.

So, professional photo!

[The LG KS20]

Sleek and shiny and slim! Doesn’t it look good? It looks as designer-ish as the LG Prada but is cheaper and better. In my opinion, the LG KS20 is the prettiest smartphone available in the market right now, so I don’t see what’s not to like about it.

[The LG KS20]

Okay, but that’s just me. I know I can’t fool all the rest of you non-bimbo types who could care less about looks.

So, let’s talk about other aspects of the phone.

I must be partial because my credibility is very important to me. So let me say this first: The KS20 isn’t perfect.

OMG I’ve said it.

*Waits to be smote by lightning*


Okay, see? Being honest is safe.

[The LG KS20]


I’m going to make it very easy for you. I’ll do a pros and cons list instead of try to sound like some expert thesis writer using big words and convoluted syntax to trick people into thinking that I know more than I actually do.

Okay, list.

What’s Great About the LG KS20

  • It’s sooooo beautiful. (I know. Starting my list with that declaration probably just shot my credibility as a reviewer to pieces but, really, it’s sooooo beautiful.)
  • The phone has a piano black finish! I mean, that sounds so classy and elegant, does it not! It makes me feel classy and elegant using it, even if everyone will claim that there are six degrees of separation between “classy and elegant” and Sheylara.

    [Me and the LG KS20]
    Pretending to be classy and elegant but not succeeding because of the cute flowers on the shoulder and the act-cute pose.

  • It’s fully touchscreen. That means you’ll look really cool sitting in the MRT poking all over your phone with either your finger or the stylus. You could even do it one-handed with your SMS-trained nimble thumb.
  • Best of all, the touchscreen doesn’t do dodgy things like launch applications by itself just because your face is touching it when you answer phone calls! In phone-call mode, the KS20 will automatically retard the touchscreen function so you don’t start launching stupid applications accidentally.
  • It runs on Windows Mobile 6 Pro like most smartphones worth any salt, so it’s very easy to get used to the interface if you’re a Windows PC user.

    [The UI!]

  • It supports GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA (3.6Mbps). The last one is VERY IMPORTANT because it gives you the fastest mobile Internet connection.
  • It’s the smallest and slimmest Windows Mobile 6 smartphone you can find out there right now (weighs 92.5g and measures 100mm x 58mm x 12.8mm).

    [Sleek and slim]

  • You can do e-mails on outlook. (So make sure you don’t let your boss know that you own this phone.)


  • You can choose between using the Qwerty keypad, which you can poke at with the stylus (or your fingers if you have baby-sized fingers), and using the handwriting feature.
  • It has two camera lenses so you can camwhore effectively by switching the lens to the screen side to see yourself when snapping the picture! (Well, that’s not really unique but it’s cool all the same!)

    [Camwhoring made easy]

  • You can flip the screen to landscape mode to minimise left-right scrolling of web pages.

    [Landscape mode]

  • The Geekfather tells me that the phone is powered by Qualcomm’s MSM7200 400 MHz processor with 256MB ROM and 128MB of RAM, which all sounds like gibberish to me, but it means that I can open like eight applications on the phone before it starts lagging, It’s REALLY AWESOME. Better than my ex-PC! Haha.
  • You can choose to navigate the phone using either the Windows UI or switch to mobile phone UI if you prefer your phone looking like a phone rather than acting like a PC.

    [Traditional phone UI]

  • For a brand new launch, it’s cheap at $888 for all the features it promises, I mean compared to the iPhone when it was first launched.

What’s Not So Great About the LG KS20

  • It’s a fingerprint magnet. But most beautiful elegant glossy sleek black phones are, so that’s just something we as vain human beings have to learn to live with.
  • The screen is pretty small for a smartphone (2.8″) but it’s big enough for me. I mean, if you want a small and sleek phone, you can’t expect the screen to get any bigger.
  • The USB port isn’t a regular USB port, so you have to lug around a special USB cable to use the USB on the go.

    [USB port]

  • The audio jack doesn’t support regular 3.5mm earphones, which means another cable to lug around.
  • The phone only supports up to a 2GB microSD card for additional storage. But what if I want to have my entire MP3 collection in my phone so I can look really well-connected and trendy? Or if I want to film a three-hour party or something like that?
  • The handwriting recognition is a little slow. After you write something (whether a letter, a word, or a whole sentence), it will wait like two seconds before whatever you wrote gets input. That means, to get your money’s worth, you should always write whole sentences at once instead of a word at a time.
  • If you’re using the casing that comes with the phone, the stylus is quite hard to pluck out because the case gets in the way.
  • The camera is only 2 megapixels and the photo quality isn’t that great, so I still have to use my Lumix for photo-taking.

That’s it for my list. I may have missed out a few things but don’t get upset because nobody and nothing is perfect. ;)

But the KS20 works well for me because its faults are something I can live with and the pluses more than make up for the minuses.

In a nutshell, the LG KS20 is for you if you want something as pretty as the iPhone and as feature-rich as the latest PDA at a budget price!

But don’t just take my word for it. I welcome all smartphone fans and experts to agree or disagree with me.

Fire away!

19 thoughts on “Why I love the LG KS20

  1. Avatar

    I’ve always found WM6 to be a cosmetic con, but as an OS it’s always been on the top of smartphone standards.

    BTW the maximum capacity for microSD is 2GB I think. If you see anything higher than that chances are its not made with SD standards and could do any phone some serious screw up. But I might be wrong…

    Other than that, it’s a great concise review! :D

  2. Avatar

    Very cool phone, but I have to say I like my Blackberry better.

    In fact, we can hardly call these things phone anymore. The phone is just one component. They are really just hand-held media devices.

    But that is cool with me!

  3. Avatar

    JayWalk: Er… I don’t understand. Why is it a con?

    rn: Really? Gotta check that out… So many features to play around with, heheh.

    Farinelli: Again, I don’t understand. Why is it a con but then top of smartphone standard? Anyway, SanDisk just released an 8GB microSDHC! Product info here

    Mike M: Haha, you’re right, they’re becoming more and more unphonelike. But we still call them phones because I think their main purpose is still the phone part. You can live without a PDA but you can’t ever live without a phone!

  4. Avatar

    Cool phone but kinda expensive. Got the HTC Touch Enhanced instead. With my upgrade & all was about $390.

  5. Avatar

    Maybe you can part with your PDA but I can’t. I have to have my PDA, email, phone, calender, internet access and GPS at my finger tips….always!!

    That’s why I chose the Blackberry. The phone part is just one part of the things I NEED to survive.

    Still, your phone is cool. Pricey, but cool.
    But what new toy worth buying isn’t pricey when it first hits the market?

  6. Avatar

    It’s has been a con since the days of Windows Mobile being called Windows CE (Compact Edition).

    IMHO, it is just a piece of badly written operating system. However, as much as I believe that Symbian and Palm OSes are far superior to crappy Microsoft, I am sure that they are just as many advocating the opposite.

    I guess we all have our own views.

  7. Avatar

    I have the Viewty (incredibly BAD name) which is actually quite a reasonable phone. I still don’t really like the touch interface, Apple has nailed that market and LG is still struggling along in it wake, but it’s nice to see phones getting smarter.

  8. Avatar

    I have a KS20 too! It’s smashing! I guess there isn’t any perfect phone anywhere so I still like what this KS20 offers.

  9. Avatar


    I wish I had a cellphone :P

    *steals from you*

    I just love fiddlign around with touchscreens lol! *pokes computer moniter as if it was a touchscreen even though I’m not supposed to do that*

  10. Avatar

    Derrick: Cool, good for you! Hope you’re enjoying your HTC Touch!

    Mike M: Hah, ok. I guess after some time, I would not be able to leave home without a PDA. Just a matter of time, lol.

    Ruok: iPhone is obsolete at the moment with EDGE. :P

    modchip: Um… send me some money first? lol.

    JayWalk: I guess the average man in the street prefers Windows OS because they’re already familiar with it from their PC.

    ladyironchef: Hey, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :) Hope you like your LG Choc. It’s a pretty phone too!

    Jesta: I agree, Viewty is a terrible name. lol. The first time I heard it, I was like, you gotta be kidding me, right?

    Rachel: Cool! Good to know another KS20 fan! ;)

    plushiehamsta: Heheh. I’m sure you’ll own a cellphone one day! Just a matter of time! ;)

  11. Avatar

    came back to look at ur review. haha! can’t decide between this and the viewty! the 2mp is a consideration for me (since i like to take photos so much and is lazy to use my canon at times). but viewty doesnt hv wifi! *frustrated scream*

  12. Avatar

    hey i own tis phone !
    but there r cons tat u have nt add on :
    – the speaker get fuzzy if u actually turn up the vol .
    – will lag if u long time dont soft reset phone
    – sending lots of file at one time in BT is troublesome
    – no chinese char support ( but i manage to tweak the registry n successfully see a chinese word on tat phone without other software)
    – PAINT DROP OFF EASILY ! specially when u gt a scratch n bcame worse …
    – phone startup is slow …(but its a window mobile ! )
    – dailing ppl is slow too ! (take at least 5 s to start calling )
    – wifi had a shorter range than lappy
    Lastly ,the phone gets heated up when using too much ! tat wat i hate it … anybody gt an idea of whr to buy a cooler fan 4 ks 20 ?? :)

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