The Goonfather talks nonsense

I decided very last minute to attend the Nuffnang Pajama Party (happening tonight in KL), so after dinner last night, I got the Goonfather to drive me out to buy some pajamas.

At first, I thought to seek his opinion.

“This one nice?”

“Too transparent.”

“What about this one?”

“Too transparent.”

“This one???

“Too transparent.”

I chased him out of the store.

And then I bought the most transparent one on my shortlist. Hawhawhawhaw!!

Actually, none of them are transparent lor. Men are so exaggerating.

After getting my PJs, we bought two cups of fresh fruit juice before getting into the car, ready to go home.

In the car, he handed me his cup.

“Wei!” I complained. “Why I become cup holder?!”

(It’s not that I generally mind holding his drinks for him while he’s driving, but we do have a drink holder in the car. In fact, we have four drink holders in the car, two for the front seats and two for the back seats. But he’s always throwing junk (receipts, pens, coins, cards, used batteries, unwanted phones, cables, even metal brackets) in the holders instead of leaving them empty to hold drinks, so why must I suffer for that?)

The Goonfather said, “I’ll finish the drink and find a dark lane where I can throw it out the window.”

“What dark lane? Singapore roads where got dark lane one?” I continued complaining.

“Got. It’s where the dark cross the lane,” he whispered conspiratorially.

“The dark cross the lane?? What the hell are you talking about?

“Later you will see.”

“See what?”

“The little duckies crossing the lane. That’s the duck lane.”



(Note to foreign readers: In Singapore, we pronounce “dark” and “duck” the same way. Totally unacceptable, I know, but what can anyone do about it?)

Anyway, when we got home, I went to my computer (which is always the first thing I do when I get home).

On my screen, I saw an MSN message tab flashing on my task bar. It was from the Goonfather, which was very strange because he was with me all the while.

I opened the chat window and read:

    The Goonfather says (9:16 PM):
    Why you try pajamas so long?

    The Goonfather says (9:18 PM):
    Me stand outside waiting until falling asleep!


I completely forgot that he was fooling around with my LS KS20 while I was trying on PJs.

It’s really hard to stay annoyed with someone like that!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyway, I’m in KL now. I’m so freaking sleepy because we left home at 5:45 am and I hardly slept. But there’s no time to sleep! There are luxurious baths to take, yummy food to eat and shopping to do before the party tonight!

We’re staying at the Shangri-La this time. It’s not as luxurious as Maya Hotel but it’s not too shabby. We got complimentary mangoes!! I’ve never had complimentary hotel mangoes before. They’re always giving out gimpy fruits in hotels.

And we got a shock just now when men suddenly walked past the outside of our wall window. There’s no balcony and we’re on the 17th floor. I can see one of the twin towers from our window. I don’t know where the other tower is hiding.

It turns out that some kind of renovation or cleaning work is in progress and the men were riding outside the windows from floor to floor to do… I dunno what, actually. They walked to and fro the length of our window a few times and then disappeared downstairs. We couldn’t see very clearly because we had the translucent curtains drawn.

Oh, I can’t take photos now because I left the camera in the car. I suppose I could use the laptop camera but I don’t want to. Plus this laptop doesn’t have Photoshop! Photos of free mangoes and skimpy transparent PJs will have to wait. Heheh.

Ok, enough of blogging! I need to go enjoy my weekend!

Stay tuned for my Nuffnang Pajama Party report!

7 thoughts on “The Goonfather talks nonsense

  1. Avatar

    …throwing junk (receipts, pens, coins, cards, used batteries, unwanted phones, cables…

    You know, you can always send me your unwanted cellphones. :))

  2. Avatar

    modchip: Haha, please talk to the Goonfather about that.

    starm|st: Aiyah, so sad. :( Have to wait for next year’s party. But it will be in Singapore, yay!

    Mike M: Well, you can attend the party vicariously through my blog! Hehe. Will be posting more about it soon! And about the picture a day, I didn’t actually promise to do it! Hehe. I said I’d try to post more pictures. That’s all I said! Besides, the friend who made me do the picture a day actually went to the party, too, so he wasn’t even able to read my blog over the weekend, lol.

    Mother: Well, I was comparing it to Maya Hotel, which is REALLY REALLY beautiful and makes you feel like someone special! :P

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