Tag your friends in real life

This is going to be fun, although I guess it depends on whether people are going to be shy or sporting.

I’m helping to organise an event called Social Media Breakfast (Singapore franchise) for people who are into social media, web 2.0, blogging, and all that.

The fun part is that we’re borrowing an idea from a cool American guy named Jeff Pulver, who invented what he calls “real-time social tagging”.

It’s kinda like bringing Internet interactivity to real life, which is the opposite of what people have been trying to do for years, that is, bringing real life to the Internet. That makes it highly amusing and entertaining.

Ok, watch this video, in which I attempt to explain how real-time tagging works, but doing a bad job of it because we only had 45 minutes to shop for props and shoot the video, without a storyboard or script.

I left out a lot of things I wanted to say because I just couldn’t remember everything on the spot. So, if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, ask.

The two guys who decided to bring this event to Singapore are Derrick Kwa and Daryl Tay. They bumped into each other on the net several weeks back and found a common purpose. Funny thing is they will probably be meeting in person for the first time at the very event which they are co-organising. Hahaha!

By the way, everyone is invited this Saturday (March 29). You can just drop by, but it’ll help if you inform us beforehand so we can prepare the correct number of breakfasts and tagging toolkits.

Breakfast is not free. But it’ll only be $4 or $5, so don’t be a cheapo! The tagging toolkits are free. Getting to know more like-minded peeps is priceless.

We encourage casual discussions on topics relating to social media, web 2.0 and blogging, although I suppose you could just choose to mingle, get to know people and tag them. Tagging is very much encouraged!

If you’re in Facebook, you can sign up for the event here.

Social Media Breakfast Singapore
March 29, 2008 (Saturday)
9 am — 12:30pm
Frujch @ SMU (Basement 1, School of Information Systems)
50 Stamford Road

See you there!

16 thoughts on “Tag your friends in real life

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    Thanks for the plug. And for all the help. =). Yeah, it will be the first time that I’m meeting Daryl (or any of you, for that matter), so that’ll be cool.

    On another note….”Breakfast is not free. But it’ll only be $4 or $5, so don’t be a cheapo! The tagging toolkits are free. Getting to know more like-minded peeps is priceless.” That kinda reminds me of the Mastercard ads. Haha.

  2. Avatar

    I’d come but my birthday is the 29th and I think THAT party will be more along the lines of what I want to do that day :)

    Great job on the video!

  3. Avatar

    Your question from Twitter: How do u gauge how old a person should be for u to give up ur seat for them?

    The only reason you should give up your seat (besides the person being handicapped or pregnant) is out of compassion. If you feel bad for the person standing, then give up you seat.

    Everyone else can stand dammit!

  4. Avatar

    Daryl Tay: My pleasure! It’s ok lah. Actually I’m sorry you got scolded by your lecturer for being late. Heh.

    modchip: Maybe someone will start Phillipines branch. ;)

    Derrick Kwa: No worries! Sounds like Mastercard ad? Hmm… I forgot how that one goes!

    Mike M: Ooh, your birthday is this Saturday?? Happy birthday in advance! Hope you get smashed good and proper~! ;) Heh.

    Well, sometimes it’s really hard to tell how much they need to sit down. Maybe they really need to but they look energetic and hale and hearty. I might do a blog on that!

  5. Avatar

    It’s funny how there are unofficial rules to giving up your seat to others. It’s really just a judgment call. However, everyone has their own judgments, so how can even be called “rules”.

    On the bus and train systems here in Washington DC, they take the guesswork out of it. They post signs saying that you have to give up seating close to the exits to handicapped, elderly and pregnant women (which I think is fair). If there is a strapping young fellow standing on a bus or train, I am not giving up my seat. I was there first and my a** claimed the spot.

  6. Avatar

    zield: Er… stick your what on my what??? … nevermind. :P

    Mike M: That happens in Singapore too. We have signs near exits on buses and MRTs saying to give up that seat to people who need it more. I can’t remember exactly what it says. Haha.

    Oh, is it your birthday?? Happy birthday!!!

    modchip: Yeah! You could even start it if you wanted to. ;)

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    Let me know the next time you organize a
    “Social Media Naughty Supper”

    Don’t just tag. Poke, whack, kiss, whip and grab!!!

  8. Avatar

    PG: Go organise one yourself. But then you can be sure the ladies will be staying away from this one! :P Then you guys can have fun groping one another. Heheh.

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