Sheylara’s Whopping Weekend

My weekend is totally packed so this is going to be short.

I’m giving you a preview of my weekend activities so you’ll know what’s coming up in my blog next week!

(You can leave a comment to tell me that my blogging about any particular activity is going to bore you to pieces, so please don’t blog about it. I’m very democratic, as you can see.)

My weekend started last night.


  1. Yebber’s 1st Anniversary Party. It was totally awesome!!

[Blur shot of Sheylara at Yebber party]


  1. Social Media Breakfast
  2. Youth Aids Blogger Forum
  3. Rock band party at home!


  1. RX-8 Mega Meet
  2. Giselle in the Park (Ballet under the Stars at Fort Canning!)

It doesn’t look that packed when listed neatly like that. But it’s still scary to have so many activities and events in one weekend!!!

I wish people would stop doing that!!! I mean organise their activities all in the same weekend for me! And then, like, my next six weekends are free! Haha.

Okay, not really. I’m seldom free during the weekends, especially now that we have Rock Band!!

By the way, thanks for all your answers in my previous post about giving up seats. I will reply all comments in a day or two so please be patient!

Alright, gotta go. Have a swell weekend, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Sheylara’s Whopping Weekend

  1. Avatar

    For a moment there I though I read … Have a ‘smell’ weekend

    Hahaha, got to have my eye checked, getting old la

    Have a great weekend Qiaoyun

  2. Avatar

    Mike M: Thanks Mikey! I had a lot of fun although it was so tiring!

    There isn’t really a sardine story haha. It’s a “story” that peak hour commuters in Singapore have a very intimate knowledge of.

    modchip: Thanks! :)

    uncle sha: Hehehe, maybe need to change your specs… or change your mind, since it’s sometimes our minds that influence what we read, lol.

    ladyironchef: Yah lor… like I said, I wish they wouldn’t organise them all so close together!

    His Food Blog: The crowd was really big at Fort Canning! I mean, the entire grass area was filled up! Hehe. I was there on Sunday. And I actually prefered Act 1 to Act 2. Maybe cos I prefer watching the love triangle story to watching the wilis dance around and hog the entire act.

    SOPHIA: Thank you! :) Hope to see you back here again!

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