Sheylara sings happy birthday to Nuffnang

Video time! You can let it load up while you read the story about it!

About three months ago, I was approached by Nuffnang to make a short birthday video. It would be shown at the Nuffnang Pajama Party together with videos made by other selected Nuffnangers.

As you can see, we were given a lot of time to make the video. But I kept procrastinating because I couldn’t think of what to say in it.

It’s like, what, “Happy Birthday Nuffnang, you’ve been a great… blog ad server in the past year! May you stay young and sexy and attract many more rich advertisers!!”?

It’s very hard wishing a non-living entity a happy birthday and not feel a little bit silly. So I took forever to think about it and finally gave up on it, busy with other things as I was.

Then, one week before the party, I decided to just fall back on what I do best — write a stupid song and sing it. (I’m not claiming that I do that very well. It’s just something I can do better than, say, dance or climb a mountain or fight a crocodile).

Despite the video submission deadline already being over and gone long ago, I just went ahead and wrote the song and made the video. I completed it two days before the party! *lol*

Writing the song was the easy part. I spent 20 minutes on it because I didn’t have time to come up with an award-winning gig. The tough part was recording and editing it. I couldn’t get the sound up to standard because my headset mic was a little faulty and I had to depend on my digital camera to pick up the sound and Adobe Premiere to enhance it.

The final edit isn’t ideal — I sound muffled — but I was tired and there was no more time, so I MSN’ed Ming.

“Miiiiiiiing!!” I said, “I’m sorry please don’t kill me!”

“Hahahahaha why?” he responded.

“I just finished making the video!”

To his credit, he didn’t even flinch.

(I know one can’t really flinch on MSN, but you know you can sometimes tell how a person is reacting by what he says and how long he takes to start responding and how long he takes to type his response. It’s not 100% accurate, but you can always estimate a guess.)

He said, “Oh, you did it ah? Can, can, I get my guy.”

Then we went through the boring details of video format and e-sending and subtitling. And it was done! My video was submitted and accepted.

I have to thank Ming for being patient with me and entertaining my super-last-minute entry. I’m sure the Nuffies were already very busy scrambling to tie up all the last-minute details of the trip amd the party. They probably didn’t need more last-minute work slotting my video into the programme!

So, thank you Ming and the Nuffies!

And, once again, happy birthday, Nuffnang! Er… may you stay young and sexy and attract many many rich advertisers!


26 thoughts on “Sheylara sings happy birthday to Nuffnang

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    zield: I don’t play it very well. Just enough to make simple music. But thanks! :)

    misha: Hi pretty! Thanks for the compliment! Miss ya! ;)

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    Great guitar skills!!! I also like the voice… it could put me to sleep (in a good way ok?), it’s so… “suave”!

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    Well… I’m glad that Nuffang has helped to make this blog (the only one that I read) possible… So Happy Birthday

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    This is my 1st visit to your blog. Saw your vid from Boss Stewie’s blog and your guitar+voice is superduperdoublemarble awesome thats why i MUST visit ur blog :)

    Hope I’ll become a guitarist like you too one day!

    p.s: ur sweet voice can kill me T-T

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    modchip: Thanks!! I suppose I’m good for singing lullabyes then? Haha. By the way… I thought “suave” is used to describe guys! lol.

    David: Oh, I’m happy to hear that it made you laugh! Actually, I wanted to write a really funny song but then it’s really hard and I think the result isn’t really that funny leh. But thanks for laughing anyway! lol :)

    Mike M: Thanks, Mike! Um… it wasn’t a competition, though. :P

    kelly: Thanks kelly!

    Chris Lee: Yes, I play the guitar… badly. Haha. Um, so are you saying that people who have Skype cannot use IE at all?

    chak: Yup, I did. It’s just very simple lyrics mah, full of happy birthday only. lol.

    Robb: Thank you! *blush* You’re too kind!

    Jesta: Aww, so sweet of you! Thanks for making my blog the one and only that you read!!

    Tianhong: Thank you!! But no need to envy. I’m sure you have your own talents in other fields. ;)

    misha: It’s ok misha dear, don’t be sorry! You’re such a busy little girl with so many activities, which is good. Keep it that way! Don’t waste your childhood visiting old jie jie’s blogs all the time! hehehe!

    Ashtar83: Thanks! d(^_ ^)b (lol funny emoticon)

    J@s0n: Thanks for the compliments! Really appreciate it, especially on the lyrics! :)

    Mayying: Aww, thanks for visiting my blog! Come and visit more often, and thanks for the compliments too! :) Guitar is not very hard to pick up, so go for it! I hope I get to hear you play one day!

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    I thought “suave” is used to describe guys!

    It’s the only word I can think of to describe what I heard. :P

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    modchip: lol, ok! It’s a good word anyway! ;)

    Mike M: Haha, ok if you say so. Thanks for letting me win the competition! :P Now, can you go make a real contest so I can win it? lolol.

    JokeDiary: Just a bit lah. ;)

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    Hi there! I came here after I saw the video compilation of Nuffday Video 2. Hehe.

    Just wanna say, great one! You have a very sweet voice accompanied by a simple yet nicely played guitar rhythm. *thumbs up*

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