Patapon: Cutest game in the world

At first, I thought that the Goonfather had lost all his marbles.

He sat at his desk, chanting to himself.

“Pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon.”

“Stop it!” I told him, “You sound retarded!”

“Hey!” he objected. “It’s a PSP game. Looks cool. Maybe I should get it.”

Then he went on chanting while I rolled my eyes to let him know what I thought of his patapon.

A few days later, the Goonfather slumped into the bean bag with his PSP while I was working on my computer.

After a while, his PSP started chanting, “Pata pata pata pon…”

OMG, he got the damn game. I buried my face in my hands and wept silently while, in the background, “pata pata pata pon” droned on merrily.

Shortly after.

We were in bed one night performing our nightly ritual (the Goonfather on his PSP, me reading a book) when, once again, I heard that confounded “pata pata pata pon” squeaking off his tinny PSP speakers.

What could possess a grown man to suffer such hideously cute drummings in the ear? Curiosity rolled me over to his side of the bed to peer at his PSP screen.

What the hell. As I watched the game, I started laughing and couldn’t stop.

Patapon is the cutest game I’ve ever seen. When I first heard the chanting, I was irritated by the whole cheesiness of it. But seeing it is altogether different.

In the game, you control a tribe of little eyeball soldiers. YES, EYEBALLS. With tiny little arms holding tiny little weapons. Absolutely cute! It’s a rhythm game, so you beat out relevant rhythms on your PSP to command the little eyeballs (to march, attack, defend or retreat).

Each time after you beat out a rhythm, your little patapons will chant the rhythm while they perform your command, so you get an endless loop of chants that go, “Pata pata pata pon… pon pon pata pon.”

It’s a simple game with a simple premise but it’s hypnotically captivating. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I couldn’t wait to hear the next chant. I couldn’t stop delighting as I looked upon the cute little eyeball patapons. I couldn’t stop laughing at the funny things they were saying.

They’re talkative, the little patapons. Speech bubbles pop out continuously as they comment on the battle or on your playing (they’ll complain if you suck).

The Goonfather is known as Lord Goon in the game. Hahahahaha.

I haven’t actually played it myself. I don’t think it’s fun because it looks pretty monotonous, being a side-scrolling game with only one floor to march through in each mission. The Goonfather is addicted to it, but I only like looking at the patapons and hearing their cute chantings. I don’t actually want to play it.

You can go to the official Patapon website to hear the chant.

Or you can watch this YouTube trailer.

While you’re at it, check out this funny TV commercial showing cute Japanese girls playing the game. At least, I think it’s funny. I don’t know because I don’t understand Japanese.

Can someone tell me what they’re saying??

Yesterday, I was at McDonald’s when I suddenly heard a soft “Pata pata pata pon!” straining under the noisy Sunday chatter and radio music blaring in the restaurant.

I pricked my ears (sorta like a dog except I can’t actually move my ears) and there it was again.

“Pata pata pata pon!”

A little girl was saying it.

I finally traced the sound to this table where an Indian man sat with his three kids. The man and his son were both playing a PSP each.

The little girl was watching her daddy play while she chanted nonstop, “Pata pata pata pon,” in time with the music.


If I were her daddy, I would strangle her.

It’s super irritating when you hear someone chant it. Actually, the music/chanting in the game is also super irritating if you’re only hearing it. You have to watch the gameplay at the same time in order to appreciate the cuteness.

The Goonfather hasn’t played it for a few days because he’s now addicted to Dynasty Warriors 6 on the PS3 and God of War on the PSP.

But he’s very easy to influence. He’ll probably feel the urge to play it again after reading this blog. Then I’ll get to see more cute patapons!

Sly, eh?

41 thoughts on “Patapon: Cutest game in the world

  1. Avatar

    Hahaha! The Goonfather is hooked too. When I got that game and played it the first time, the pata pata pata pon / pon pon pata pon chant played in my head the whole day.

    @The Goonfather: Pick up the demo, finish it to get the secret spear weapon, then load the save into the full game. :D

  2. Avatar

    @The Goonfather: Well… yeah, but if your not far off (and you want that item), why not? It’s fun anyway. :D

  3. Avatar

    gosh!!!! for a moment i thought your nightly ritual means sex and the weirdest part is goonfather and you can multi-task so many things!

    anyway, one cool suggestion for everyone:
    try to move to the rythm of patapon during sex… and the objective is to have both partners climax at the exact “pon” beat. So it will go like this…

    “Pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon.”
    “Pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon… pata pata pata pon.”
    x 30 times!!



  4. Avatar

    pata pata pata pon

    what is that.. ??
    its patapon -pon
    its cute -pon

    tsupon !? (i’m not sure..)

    seriously -pon
    no way -pon

    yapparii !? (again.. not sure..)

    i got beaten -pon

    even girl can have fun
    new type psp

    drama have started -pon

    playstation portable..

  5. Avatar

    modchip: Haha. The Goonfather didn’t mention that there was one night, he played too late in the night, then he couldn’t sleep all night cos the chant kept running in his head. lololol.

    Christina: Haha, go try it. If you don’t like the gameplay, you can be like me. Make your bf play and you just watch, lol.

    cowboycaleb: Because he doesn’t have to spend all his time buying birthday cakes?

    Jason Ho: Heh, tell me about it after you’ve tried it!

    PG: You have a great imagination. Congratulations!

    JayWalk: He would probably beat me over the head repeatedly with Goomba.

    Ashtar83: This rhythm game has the same rhythm throughout. I mean, the beat is the same, you just have to hit different button combinations. It’s pretty easy, really.

    zield: Thanks for the translation! Hehe. But I still don’t understand why the girls look dismayed when the couple walk past them.

  6. Avatar

    “The little girl was watching her daddy play while she chanted nonstop, “Pata pata pata pon,” in time with the music.


    If I were her daddy, I would strangle her.”

    Maybe dad should put down the game and hang with the daughter??? Probably better for the daughter to have a father figure that is real than a video game that will go out of style in a few months?

  7. Avatar

    Modchip: I am at the last part already. Should complete the game by tonight. Wahahaa…. Fastest game I complete in my life. COD4 took 6 days.

  8. Avatar

    @The Goonfather: Hehehe, good for you. I’m having a hard time on adjusting my schedule for gaming, lots of jobs to do. Hmmm… the fastest game I’ve complete in my etire life is not of this generation — it was during the NES era — Contra. :D

  9. Avatar

    And the longest ever, took me about 210+ hours to complete (minus the restarts *heheh*) — Dark Cloud 2 (PS2).

  10. Avatar

    Modchip: Thats not counted!! Contra has to save game function, and it was a short game. I complete it in 4hrs. Of coz with UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A Select Start! =P

  11. Avatar

    Hahaha! Well… the shortest then would be… The Bouncer on the PS2, finished it with 1 sitting. =P

    BTW, did you play Contra for the DS, I can’t even get pass stage 2 on normal difficulty *sigh*…

  12. Avatar

    Because of this blog entry, I downloaded the game…and I’ve only 1 thing to say…

    “Pata pata pata pon…”
    “Pata pata pata pon…”
    “Pata pata pata pon…”
    “Pata pata pata pon…”

  13. Avatar

    starmist: Yeah, they really make very cute comments! There’s one that goes, “This is bad. Can I go home?” when you screw up and don’t beat the rhythms properly.

    Mike M: Well, they’re two totally different genres altogether. As for the father and daughter scenario, I think the children most probably think that their dad is really cool for playing video games. Which could be a good thing, no?

    Jesta: Heheh. I didn’t find the Patapon strip particularly funny, but I suppose people with Patapon addict partners can relate to it. I thought the Echochrome one (Dongs are everywhere) is funnier. The Goonfather was just playing that game a day after he got Patapon. Heh.

    Mother: Hahaha. Hope your enjoying the game.

  14. Avatar

    Christina: Well, good thing then that it’s a very short game. From what I’ve read and heard so far, it takes about 2-4 days to complete the game. I guess one can only take so much of the patapon chanting before one goes mad. lol.

  15. Avatar

    2-4days? then I think I’m taking far too long. :p I’m still like stuck somewhere. I sleep with the chant, I wake up with the chant. It’s in my head! arh…..

  16. Avatar

    Hey there… i got the game recently (i.e. yesterdaY) and have been staring at my PSP the whole journey home. Even missed my stop once~! Bleargh~!

    Anywayz, i am so annoyed with the desert stage. Can’t seem to pass it. I always get burn to death! is there something that i’m not doing here? *sighs*

  17. Avatar

    Nadira: Yes, you are not doing the rain dance. You need to learn how to do the rain dance in 1 of the prior stage.

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