Of men being shot dead and terrorist leaders escaping

Singapore is becoming a scary place to live in.

Of course, never as scary as, say, Detroit or Johor Bahru, but it’s suddenly scarier than it used to be.

When was the last time the police shot anyone in Singapore, never mind shot them dead?

According to this news report, the correct answer is the year 2002.

Pretty long ago, huh?

When was the last time a dangerous terrorist leader was reported skulking around safe, sterile Singapore?

Before Mas Selamat Kastari, never?

When news of the JI leader’s escape first broke, I was amused. I know I shouldn’t have been, because it’s a matter of national security, but I was amused because it felt like a movie come to life. It grew into such a huge event that it’s hard to take it seriously because it’s so surreal.

When I imagine myself bumping into Mas Selamat Kastari on the street, my first reponse is, “How cool!” when it should realistically be “OMFBBQGSHIT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE HEEEEELP MUMMYYYY!!!”

Maybe it’s just me. I find it hard to take life seriously, sometimes.

And then, before the press is even done making a big deal out of our now world-famous terrorist escapee, the police goes and shoots someone dead.

When I first saw the headlines, “Man shot dead by police in Outram Park MRT” my immediate thought was that it was related to Mas Selemat Kastari.

Turns out that it’s not. It’s just another random violent episode.

I’m sure random violent episodes happen in Singapore all the time. It’s just that I’ve never witnessed or heard of them so many times in a month.

On Feb 23, the Goonfather witnessed a group of boys beating another boy bloody outside Bugis Junction. I was inside the building at the time so I didn’t see it, but the Goonfather said it was really gory and bloody and awful.

The next day, on Feb 24, I witnessed a fight in a Tiong Bahru carpark between at least two men, while other men tried to pull them apart. There was possibly a sharp weapon but no one was seriously hurt because of timely intervention. There was a lot of shouting and cursing, though.

I hardly witness serious fights in Singapore, much less twice consecutively.

Life in Singapore is getting weird, what with terrorist leaders being at large and fights and killings happening with alarming frequency.

Maybe a significant portion of Singaporeans feel scared and threatened by all these happenings. Maybe there are as many who still feel safely insulated in our Singapore-brand safety bubble.

I think I belong to the latter catergory, but I’m going to get more weirded out if these events don’t stop happening.

What about you?

18 thoughts on “Of men being shot dead and terrorist leaders escaping

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    Honestly I was scared freaked out initially, I was scared he would like bomb us or something. Now the feeling has died down by a bit, now it’s just wondering when he’ll be caught.

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    I live in the US so these are everyday occurrences. I guess after a while you become desensitized to what is going on around you. I suppose Singapore was the last refuge where you didn’t have to worry about these things too often. Sounds like times are changing for the little island in the east.

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    You could ask the Goonfather’s officemate (the one with the papaya ringtone) how scary it is here. (Assuming he lived here) :D

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    Pingping: I can’t wait for him to be caught. I’m really curious where he’s hiding and I want to know! It’s like watching a movie that has no ending. Damn annoying. Haha.

    Mike M: Yeah. Singapore has such a low crime rate that the major crimes really shock people. It’s kinda funny!

    modchip: Why don’t you tell us yourself! :)

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    violent episodes r not uncommon in this fair island country of ours.

    isolated incidents happen all the time…u just gotta know where to look…

    i’ve personally seen the effects of several …people i know beaten beyond recognition…often the aftermath of drinking too much…

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    According to the crime stats that I remember from years ago (things may have got better, but I doubt it) Singapore gets around 1 murder each week over the course of a year (52 per year). That’s not too many, but also try to think how often they are made into a big deal in the media…
    I think it’s not so much that these things happen as that they have hit the headlines.

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    Ohh. Spookeh. :P

    Here, I don’t think there’s much crime going around. Yeah, we’ve had a guy with a gun on the corner of my school a couple years ago (when I was smaller) but I think that’s the most major recent thing. =_=”’ Good luck!

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    i saw a fight down at geylang,a whole big group,i was on the bus then,didn’t witness what happen,and a fight at bugis,maybe its the one you saw too,which it broke the glass of the store “This fashion” nearby.seriously man,what is going on in Singapore.

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    I agree with Mike M about being ‘desensitized’ coz I’ve learnt that risk is always managed. Like Silicon Valley is built outta one of the most earthquake-prone areas of the US yet they seem oblivious to it.
    Singapore is not used to this current ‘risky situation’ but if this is a regular thing like say in the US, people just learn to manage it and carry on with their lives.

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    Fish: You mean you know where fights are going to happen? Next time bring me go watch can?

    Jesta: Yes, the recent shooting hit the headlines because the police rarely get to use their guns. It’s just more remarkable to me personally because I just witnessed two fights recently, when I have never or seldom. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a real serious fight.

    plushiehamsta: I guess your city is pretty safe like ours, then. That’s good to hear!

    ahwei: Woah, that’s creepy. Really lots of fights going on recently!

    Nic: Yup, Singaporeans will get desensitized eventually if these incidents keep happening. But in the meantime, it’s natural for people to make a hooha over it. It’s still pretty new. lol.

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    Its sad that society is doomed to deteriorate. It’s sadder when a place like Singapore does. It gauges the rest of the world. If it happens there you can only imagine what is going on elsewhere

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    Fish: Er… you do realise that witnessing a fight is very much different from participating in a fight?

    Mike M: Oh well. Maybe it’s just a fluke happening and things will be back to normal again soon. Hopefully!!

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    Why don’t you tell us yourself! :)

    There’s a high possibility of being mugged, caught between two wannabe hiphop group fight, run-over by a car.. etc. if you aren’t careful enough — the point is, the law is not that well executed here.

    With all that, I still prefer to live here. :D

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    modchip: That sounds really scary. But I guess if you guys are used to living in that kind of environment, it’s not scary to you at all, huh?

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    Maybe it’s time to enact some new laws there. If you do something against the law there, you, your family, your friends and anyone else close to you has to leave :)

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    Mike M: That’s certainly a very revolutionary suggestion. How in the world is the government going to implement something like that? lol.

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