French fries and onion rings for dinner

This is seriously crazy.

One night, the Goonfather had a sudden craving for french fries with ketchup, and he kept talking about it until I was dying to eat french fries with ketchup, too.


So we went to Billy Bombers for dinner. (Mr B doesn’t have the best fries, but he has killer onion rings and killer burgers and killer milk shakes.)

We ordered a basket of fries and a bowl of onion rings to start off with. We considered sharing a burger or a plate of honey stung fried chicken (my favourite), but we remembered that the fries and onion rings are huge, so we told our waitress we’d think about the main course later.

The onion rings came first.

[Onion rings]

Beautiful, succulent, golden brown onion rings!

And then the fries.

[French fries]

Thick, crunchy, steamy hot french fries!

With a huge glob of tangy tomato ketchup.


What more could you possibly need at your dinner table??

Maybe a tall glass of creamy vanilla milkshake


Maybe I should stop doing that because I’m sounding like a TV commercial.

But that was some dinner.

The french fries in Billy Bombers are very long and thick. It takes so many bites to finish a stick, especially when its steaming hot.

[Eating a french fry]

I prefer smaller ones.

Not like the gimpy McDonald’s type, but something in between, I guess.

We started feeling full halfway through our meal.

[Half a meal]

Which is ridiculous considering that these were only sides and normal people are expected to finish these and have a main course.

As a side note, while french fries taste sublime with ketchup, onion rings must go with chilli sauce. The Goonfather didn’t believe me until he tried it for himself.

At nearly the end of our meal, when we had a single fry and two onion rings left, the Goonfather made this.

[1 french fry, 2 onion rings]

Don’t look at me. I had no part in this.

I asked him to stop playing with our food, then I ate up the leftovers.

And then we were too full to eat anything else. What a super unhealthy dinner!! (Like we care.)

Here’s the bill, receipt, whatever you wanna call it.


Freaking expensive for a fries and onion rings dinner!!


I think the Goonfather and I are really bad influences on each other.

Survey: What sauce do you like your fries with? I think ketchup is great, but I also like fries with chilli sauce or vanilla ice cream. They’re all so good it’s always so hard to decide!

Damn, now I’m craving fries again.

35 thoughts on “French fries and onion rings for dinner

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    I prefer my fries (when the wife allows me to have them) plain, no salt.

    Those fries look soooooooooo yummy. Except for the Goonfather art deco piece, which is very talented by the way. The garnish tops it off nicely. Props to the Goonfather!

    As for onion rings. There is nothing more tasty than an onion dipped in badder and flash fried to perfection!

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    Haha, this is something that goonfather does!!!

    Personally, I like to sprinkle salt and pepper on chilli sauce first before dipping my fries. Yummy!!!!!


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    Mike M: Plain, no salt? That’s like… so bland. I will only eat plain unsalted potatoes if it’s baked or mashed really soft! But I would add some butter. Butter is soooo good with baked potatoes!

    JayWalk: I’ve tried mayonnaise. Don’t really like it because of the sourish taste. But you know what I really like? Sour cream with thai chilli sauce. Don’t need to mix it but just put it side by side. Then dip potato wedges in it. Heavenly!!!

    modchip: Oh, the Goonfather does that sometimes, too. Mayonnaise and ketchup, if it’s available. Haha.

    Wang Wang: Wow… like that your chilli sauce is super power! I will try that next time!! :P

    wee: Haha… another mayonnaise lover. I sort of had the impression it’s more of a Western thing!

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    I haven’t had fries for like…months. *stares hungrily*

    I just like them with ketchup, maybe a little salt too. I’m so boring, no? XD (I hate spicy stuffs)

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    Mayonnaise, ketchup or tar tar sauce :P~

    wonder how would chocolate fare with fries :D

    nice pictures btw, and those fries really….look big!!!

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    Fries with Tartar sauce! yum! By the way, there is this store at the basement of Bugis that sells fries with lots of different type of sauces… its some specialty fries store thingie… might wanna give that a go…

    By the way, are you and goonfather going for that huge rx8 meetup this weekend?

  7. Avatar

    oh i love ketchup and chilli mixed. does anyone else do that..?
    wa billybombers vanilla milkshake is crazy la, too much for. but i guess u must love it. since u love milk? full cream summore.

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    You’re right. It was/is crazy. But WORSE it is ANOTHER food post featuring only the most delicious and fattening food in the world and YOU stay so bloody slim. It is immoral, that’s what it is!

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    plushiehamsta: Hmm… I eat french fries quite often. So what do you eat normally?

    chak: Oh yeah, I love Botak Jones cheese fries! But every time I go there damn stress, because their portions are so big I can never finish the meal! :P

    Ryu: I love Japanese mayonnaise on pasta. Oishii!! But not really as a dip or sauce for other things. :P But, in the first place, we usually eat fries outside, and most places don’t have Japanese mayonnaise on demand… so how ah?

    Ashtar83: Chocolate with fries? Actually, that might work. Haha. Maybe I’ll try with ice cream first. Chocolate ice cream with fries! Yummy!

    The Goonfather: zzzzzzzz!!!

    musxzart: Ahh, sweet mustard is nice. I like having honey mustard (and sweet onion sauce) in my Subway sandwiches!

    Shire Li: Haha… sorry, my bad! I’m really a bad influence… :x

    Rykarx: Wah, specialty fries store?? I go to Bugis Junction quite often. How come I never see the store before? Got more specific location?

    Yup… I’m keen to go for the RX8 meetup. It sounds like a crazily massive event! Guess I’ll see you there! IF we manage to bump into each other despite the crowd. Heheh.

    shin: I used to mix ketchup and chilli sauce if the chilli sauce is too spicy. The combination is pretty nice! But nowadays, I can take spicy much better, so I don’t bother to mix anymore. Hehe! But yeah I LOVE MILK AND CREAM! So yummy.

    Jesta: Hey, don’t look at me. I’m not the only person in the world who stays slim even after eating fattening food!! At the very least, I stop getting accused by grouchy photographers for eating rabbit food to control my weight. Haha. :P

    And do you even eat fries (chips, whatever)? I’ve never seen you eat anything unhealthy. :P

    Mike M: Aww, thanks! That’s so sweet of you! I added you to my blogroll, too! And I’m happy to hear that your friends like my blog!

    Well, I suppose $27 is pretty cheap for the enjoyment we got. But it’s expensive if you consider that Singaporeans can get a good meal for two for just $10 (at hawker centres/food courts). And ours wasn’t even like a real meal. It was a meal of side orders. Haha.

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    Derrick: That reminds me. I went to Botak Jones last weekend and ordered a burger. They didn’t ask me how I wanted it done! Didn’t realise until now. Haha. But it was still good!

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    Hi, I have been reading your blog for quite a while.

    Wow, I never know that there is someone like you who thinks about fries with ice cream. (some of my friends think that I’m weird =\)

    Haha, I like fries with ice cream too. =D

    Fries with Mc D’s curry sauce are great too. =P

  12. Avatar

    I eat fries with icecream at mac donalds too choc sundae is good cos the fudge is hot and goes well with fries so u get choc + ice cream + fries

  13. Avatar

    Hui Hui aka Tara: Hello! I’m glad you decided to drop a comment! :) Well, I do know a few people who like fries with ice cream, but yeah, most people think it’s weird! Yup, McDonald’s curry sauce is yummy too! But I usually only eat that with chicken nuggets.

    Rykarx: Wah, not bad, got website some more!! Cool! I’m going to check it out first chance I get!!

    Shire Li: Haha, can lah. Just eat nothing but junk food, like me. And once in a while skip a meal or two a day. lol.

    chak: Oh, yeah, I used to order hot fudge sundae and fries in McDonald’s, but I think I preferred the pure taste of ice cream with the fries, without the chocolate. So nowadays I just order an ice cream cone (much cheaper!!) with fries!

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    skim: Nope, not in Singapore.

    modchip: I think vinegar is an acquired taste. I used to hate it, but I started liking it a few years ago. I like dipping bread in vinegar and olive oil, Italian style. And eating guo tie (fried dumplings) with vinegar and ginger (Chinese style?).

    I guess vinegar with fries wouldn’t be too bad although I haven’t tried it.

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