Fashion Diary #19: T Junction

[Photos by Justyn Olby]

By popular reader and photographer demand, I put together a “little skirt with normal shoes” outfit.

Even then, my dear photographer wasn’t entirely thrilled.

“Is this your idea of sexy-elegant?”

“You said you wanted little skirt and heels, so here’s little skirt and heels.”

“It’s too cute,” he complained.

Well, what’s new. He says that about everything I wear.

I can’t help it if I have cute tastes and elegance doesn’t exist in my DNA.

You people complain somemore, I’m going to have to start wearing dowdy auntie clothes and attempt to look 45 years old.

20 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #19: T Junction

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    Hiak hiak. I think everyone should stop trying to get you to dress “normal”. You’ve got cute eclectic funk fashion sense. That’s that. ;)

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    the 1st photo ur experssion looks funny as if u were erm ? constipated? hee the 2nd pose looks better :)

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    Even if you dress in dowdy clothes you’d still look hot. Give it up lah, you just can’t uglify yourself. P.S. Man, those legs!!!!!

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    You look like an anime character. :D

    Ashtar83, if you want to use < just type < and you can do stuff like <– Look! :D

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    Qiao yun, haha for once a normal outfit! It’s pretty sweet and the light tones do suit you *looks appeased*

    -at chak : Hmm i woud’t say Qiao yun looks constipated, but for some reason I had the feeling she looked like she came from…(erm no offense) ..China :P

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    *sigh* I’m always misrepresented in this blog… :o)

    You look lovely, but cute (not that cute is bad). I just want a little more variety… A little backless black number. mmmmmmmm…..

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    starmist: You don’t look old, you crazy girl! :P

    Ashtar83: Haha. Thanks! Whatever you “drew”, it looks like either an A or the Eiffel Tower. lol

    Shelly: Yeah! I agree totally. Thanks for your validation. :P

    chak: It’s called “making a face”. ;)

    Derrick: Really, I doubt it. You haven’t seen me in dowdy clothes yet! Haha.

    modchip: Thanks! lol. Your instruction to Ashtar didn’t turn out quite the way you expected.

    Stan: Thank you. Never mind. I have been mistaken for a China girl many times and I’ve appeared on TV as a China girl a few times.

    JokeDiary: Your nose really jialat leh. Better see doctor. :P

    Jesta: I find joy in misrepresenting people in my blog. Especially people who like to complain about my fashion sense. :P

    pink: Thanks! Much appreciated! :)

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    great impact that came from simplicity.. youve defined it.. i like.. :D
    want to add a band/ribbon on ur hair.. ?? ;;)

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    haha.. oops. well, many people have thought that i was [insert any age older than my real age]. there was even a women who thought i was 32 when i was only 23. :.(

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    Your instruction to Ashtar didn’t turn out quite the way you expected.

    Oh shoot… were goes;

    Ashtar83, if you want to use < just type “& l t ;” (without the quotes and spaces) and you can do stuff like <– Look! :D

    Sorry! :D

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    precious: I suppose. I don’t have that many heels or dress shoes, really. It’s very hard for me to make a fully-matching outfit, especially when I have to wear stuff that I don’t really like! Haha.

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