Famous seafood noodles in KL — location revealed

When I blogged about curry seafood noodles last year, many people asked me for the address or directions to get there.

[Famous Curry Seafood Noodles]

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the info then, but now I’ve got it!

You know, I’ve asked around my Malaysian friends. And it turns out it’s one of those places, no one knows what the restaurant is called, no one knows the street name, no one knows how to give directions there. But everyone knows about it and how to get there on their own!

Maybe it’s just a conspiracy to keep people from thronging to the place and pushing prices up. Hahaha.

But I shall be kind (or inconsiderate, depending on how you look at it) and reveal it today!

The outlet is called Restoran Yu Ai. It may be called a restaurant but it looks more like a dingy roadside stall which offers only one food item.

[Restoran Yu Ai Seafood Noodles]

[Dingy Restoran Yu Ai]

Actually, once you know the name of the restaurant, you can google it. It’s out there, lol, and not really secret.

It’s located on Jalan Segambut Utara.

[Jalan Segambut Tengah]

I took a picture of the street sign but I took the wrong one (because it was drizzling and I didn’t want to linger around outdoors for too long)! Haha. But this will work, because the restaurant is only about 30 metres from this corner. (And I’ll post a map and the full address at the end of this entry.)

We usually park behind the restaurant, where there are outdoor seats in the carpark.

[At the back of Restoran Yu Ai]

I prefer to sit inside (upstairs) because it’s cleaner and more spacious. I mean the tables aren’t crammed together like you see here.

If you sit outside, you’re sitting beside this:

[Back door of Restoran Yu Ai]

But then, people don’t seem to mind. This place is packed every time I go there.

The seafood noodles come in different flavoured soups — clear, curry and tom yam.

The smell of tom yam is the most prominent when you walk into the restaurant. It smells really really good and I always have half a mind to order it. But I’ve been there three times and three times I’ve ordered curry because it’s the best!

[Curry Seafood Noodles]

The Goonfather also likes the clear version. I hate it because the taste of seafood is so strong it’s almost raw.

[Clear Seafood Noodles]

There you have it. Please don’t go too often because I don’t want a bowl of noodles to cost $20 the next time I go there! Haha. Each bowl costs RM14 right now, which is S$6 or US$4.40. My KL friend says the price keeps going up.

Oh, and if you’ve tried the tom yam before, please tell me whether it’s good!

Restoran Yu Ai (Seafood Noodles)
42 Jalan Segambut Utara
Segambut, Kuala Lumpur,

[Map to Restoran Yu Ai]
Map taken from here.

17 thoughts on “Famous seafood noodles in KL — location revealed

  1. Avatar

    precious: AWww man. Now you make me regret not trying it! I dunno when I’ll be going to KL next. =( Must bug the Goonfather to take me there soon soon!! :P

    Mike M: Haha, yeah you never know! Memorise the address for one of those just-in-case situations! lol.

  2. Avatar

    Ashtar83: Haha, you’re damn funny. The prawn is indeed big. Very yummy too! ;)

    xinyun: lol… I feel sorry for your PC.

    Miss Loi: Near where? Your hometown? How come you don’t know about it when it’s near your home? Haha.

    Pingping: Aww, that’s sad. Is it a major or minor allergy? I heard there are pills you can take to stop the allergy symptoms from happening, then you can eat!

    JayWalk: Yeah, it’s really worth trying out. :)

  3. Avatar

    is it the bowl that is small or the prawn that is big? but still, i dont think i’ll go sucha long way for that. perhaps i’ll die of hunger while trying to find my way there

  4. Avatar

    modchip: Yeah, that’s the clear one. It tastes disgusting. To me. Haha.

    shin: The prawn is big lah, you can compare it against the chopsticks and spoon, which is always one size only. :P Actually I wouldn’t mind driving all the way there just to eat it. Of course, that’s probably because the Goonfather is the one doing the driving. lol.

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