Camwhoring in pajamas

There are now a zillion posts on the net about the Nuffnang Pajama Party, so there’s not much point in writing yet another one. But I did promise more posts about it, so I’m in kind of a dilemma now. Heh.

So my solution, of course, is to post camwhore pictures. I think that’s the number one blogger strategy, although no one will admit it.

Blogger Trick #1: “When in doubt, camwhore.”

Ok, pictures! LOADS OF PICTURES!!

Sheylara in Pajamas 1

Sheylara in Pajamas 2

Sheylara in Pajamas 3

Sheylara in Pajamas 4

Sheylara in Pajamas 5

Sheylara in Pajamas 6

Sheylara in Pajamas 7

You know, I don’t want to make this just about me, so here are more camwhoring pictures… with other people! *lol*

Sheylara and Estee
Me and Estee.

Ming and Sheylara
Me and Ming.

Sheylara and Nadnut
Me and Nadnut.

Jayden and Sheylara
Me and Jayden.

While I’m at it, I might as well show you more pictures of more other people!

The following photos were taken by the official Nuffnang Pajama Party photographer, which is why his watermark is on all the photos.

Dawn Yang and Xiaxue
Dawn Yang and Xiaxue.

Dawn Yang and Cosplay Nuffies
Dawn Yang and Cosplay Nuffies.

Japanese Schoolgirl and Nurse
Japanese Schoolgirl and Nurse.

Malaysian Dreamgirls
Malaysian Dreamgirls.

Japanese Schoolgirl, Policewoman, French Maid and Nurse
Japanese Schoolgirl, Policewoman, French Maid and Nurse.

Dawn Yang kissing a lucky startled blogger
Dawn Yang kissing a lucky startled blogger.

A whole bunch of people
A whole bunch of people.


I’m sure you’re all terribly tired of hearing about the pajama party already. So I will talk about something else tomorrow. Haha. What do you want to read first? A food post or a review of the new LG KS20?

27 thoughts on “Camwhoring in pajamas

  1. Avatar

    Dang, I knew I should have bought a plane ticket!!

    I would have gotten arrested though. I suppose if I came there in the pajamas I wear to bed I would be locked up for streaking.

    Nuf said!

  2. Avatar

    PG wrote:

    > 2 shots using self timer.
    > 4 shots mirror reflection.
    > correct or not huh?

    Actually it looks like 5 mirror and 2 timer.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for the pics. It looks like I need to attend more blogger parties as your official photographer and biographer.

  4. Avatar

    modchip: Um… yeah, right. ;)

    kelly: Hahaha. That’s a good one. Maybe next time I will model a camera for real. ;)

    Mike M: Well, practice some self-restraint, hehe. I think many people who attended the party actually sleep in the buff, but they kindly got actual pajamas so as not to scare anyone.

    PG/X-Nc: Haha, you guys, stop analysing my photos! :P

    Jesta: Eh… what do you mean biographer?? Ok next time I need an official photographer, I’ll invite you! :P

    JayWalk: Huh? I don’t get it. Ok, I feel stupid today, haha. That’s my Lumix, which I’ve been using for more than half a year.

    HaLLoweeN/Ashtar83: Me too! She’s super pretty! Haha.. maybe I should have gone and talked to her.

  5. Avatar

    >> What do you want to read first? A food post or a review of the new LG KS20?

    i want the maid post.. :P
    btw.. your pajama is indeed transparent.. (or is it just me..)

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: Wow, ok, I think you have a long long wait ahead of you, haha.

    modchip: Actually, I like the schoolgirl outfit. It’s so cute!

    zield: Haha, sorry, I don’t have a maid post. Maybe next time! lol.

  7. Avatar

    What I meant was that you’ve made an excellent purchase for the Lumix is an excellent camera in the ultra-compact category.

    The Leica lens and the fact that it has the fastest shutter speed in its class (rivaled only by Casio Exilim but the latter take lousy pictures) make this camera a class above the rest.

  8. Avatar

    HaLLoweeN: Oei, you think I’m a pimp ah?!!! lol.

    modchip: Hmm.. you have really high standards!

    JayWalk: Oh, I see. Thanks! It was the Goonfather’s choice, actually. He gave it to me as a present. Haha.

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