Bloggers and models at LG KS20 launch

I love hanging out with bloggers because they do the most insane things.

Last night, the Most Insane Award went to Rinaz for performing the insane feat of conversing with herself over the phone.

(Incidentally, Rinaz also won an award I gave out last year, the Slackiest Latecomer Award. She’s a sly one, sweeping all my awards!)

A bunch of bloggers had been invited by Princess Sabrina to the LG KS20 (which is a mobile phone, in case you’ve been living in the sewers) launch event at Corduroy Cafe (VivoCity).

So, Rinaz was testing the phone by using it to call herself, and then actually having a conversation with herself. What a silly gal!

But I like!

I also liked the free food, the pretty long-legged models, the hanging out with bloggers and, of course, the LG KS20!

But I know you guys only want to see photos of the models, so here they are.

After a yummy buffet dinner, the girls were despatched to entice guests with the mobile phone. They went from table to table and allowed us to play with them (the phones, that is) while they stood by to answer questions.

Sometimes, a model was stuck at a particular table forever. As if the phone were that fascinating.

And then the video interviews started.

First, Rinaz video interviewed Claudia (and everyone else she could hijack) for feedback on the phone.

Then, Farinelli decided to get in on the act and starting hijacking people for video interviews, too. Nic was one of his willing victims, speaking at length about his first impressions of the KS20.

DK decided to be special and modelled the phone by reprising his famous face-on-table pose.

Original face-on-table photo by DK

I didn’t get the angle correct because I couldn’t remember what the original looked like.

All the bloggers were so thrilled that they made him stay in that position forever so they could take photo after photo. But he grew weary very soon and cheated by padding his head with his hand.

We were making such a big hooha that we attracted the official event photographer (behind DK), who came to take photos of this silliness.

And then came the highlight of the night, which, most of the time, is a lucky draw. Two phones were up for grabs, a KS20 and a KF600.

Pretty Estee won the KF600! What a lucky girl! The phone isn’t even launched in Singapore yet so she’s the very first person in Singapore to own that phone.

Some bloke won the KS20. I’m not posting his photo here because I don’t know who he is and, well, he’s a bloke. Hah.

After the festivities, the bloggers hung around the restaurant past their (our) welcome to start on the obligatory camwhoring.

Left to right: Rinaz, Nadnut, Jayden, Sheylara, Ice Angel

Me and Jayden.

Ice Angel and me.

Me and Nic.

Model Nicole and me.

Model Nicole and me again.

I’m going to talk about the phone only after I’ve had more time to play with it, so watch out for my review!

In the meantime, you can read some of the other bloggers’ reviews:

21 thoughts on “Bloggers and models at LG KS20 launch

  1. Avatar

    Nice pictures!

    Cool phone.

    Although my Blackberry’s are enough over-the-top phone gadgets for me.
    Since when have people really enjoyed watching full length movies on their phone? Or creating a PowerPoint presentation on screen and emailing it to the boss?

    I have to admit though, I do love the GPS with my Blackberry. I can talk and not get lost at the same time.
    Now I have a good reason to say “I’m NOT stopping and asking for directions!”

  2. Avatar

    PG: excuse miss, can you teach me how to use the camera feature?

    model A: (starts giggling) sure, let me show you step by step… holds PG’s hand (and the phone on his hand) … first you…. then you…

    QY: (shakes PG violently) dude! time to go home!

    PG: ………. oh… it’s only a dream…….

  3. Avatar

    Leong Him Woh: Thanks for dropping by and your comments!

    Mike M: Thanks! Hah, I wish I had GPS also. I’m always getting lost!

    modchip: Because I was there as a blogger, lol.

    Christina: Did she? Actually I don’t really remember who won stuff, apart from myself, lol.

    Tianhong: Thank you! Haha, Farinelli must have a way with women, eh? ;)

    Nic: Thanks for the link lurrrrve too!

    Derrick: Aww, that’s really sweet of you to say! *blush*

    PG: Haha. Lucky you weren’t there with me. I’d be embarrassed to sit beside you, lol.

  4. Avatar

    I think that it might be worth becoming a blogger these days. Time was that you had to be a member of the erudite band of the press corps to get yourself next to models like that (or a photographer), but these days it’s all about the blogs…

  5. Avatar

    Jesta: Yeah, like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, bloggers are the new journalists!

    DK: What’s so embarrassing about it? It’s cute mah. :P

    Numby: Haha, what a weird experiment! But I wish those people had posted pictures or a video to show us that it worked.

  6. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara,

    Thanks for coming along to the KS20 event on Thursday. Was great to see you again! Look forward to catching up with you again very soon…in the meantime…happy blogging!



  7. Avatar

    Gavin Foo: Hey, thanks for organising this and getting Princessa to invite us! Yeah, hope to see you soon, probably at the next event? ;)

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