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I recently gave a friend some homework.

He doesn’t read blogs a lot because he’s always busy doing other stuff. So when I talk to him about blogging trends and terms, he’s like, “What’s that?”

To stop myself from slapping him with the proverbial IRC trout (which, may I remind you people, is actually very passe by this time of the millennium), I gave him homework.

“You must read Sheylara.com every day,” I commanded him.

“Wah, so overbearing,” he said.

“It’s for your education.”

Then he said, “Okay, but must put picture every day. That will help.”

People are so demanding these days lor. You all think pictures grow on trees is it?

But I’m a nice person, so I went to dig up an old photo of me (not very old lah, only about six months old).

It’s not a very good picture, but don’t care lah. A picture’s a picture.

It’s a reason for me to write a blog entry, anyway. I wasn’t planning to today because I’ve been busy all day. But then I realised that if I want people to read my blog every day, I must have a new entry posted up every day, mustn’t I? Oh dear.

I’ll try to do more pictures next week.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a photo of a cat, if I can find any cute stray kitties when I’m out.

Which reminds me that I’m late.


(Besides posting photos, I’m also very good at making funny noises.)

See you tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “A photo of me

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    You have lotsa pics right? Should be easy wat, 1 pic a day. If one specifies one pic showing legs a day, that might be trickier :-p

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    Lol. Everything’s a picture. Words are labels, writing (or, typing, in your case :P) is drawing symbols that are picturessssss. You have an animated piccy that appears on every page!! XD

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    Blogging everyday is good as it builds up momentum and blogging gets easier and easier like second nature.

    However, do make sure it does not take over your life and be enslaved by it. After all, it’s just a blog.

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    Mike M: Great!

    Derrick: Haha. 1 pic a day is easy for anyone. But 1 good pic a day is not easy. I don’t want to post rubbish pics just for the sake of posting, know what I mean?

    Nic: What about it?

    PG: Thanks! But I think this is the first time someone openly say they like me “acting cute”. Haha.

    plushiehamsta: Yeah, you are right, of course. But some people are insatiable. They want to see a new picture every day! lol.

    JayWalk: Yeah, I know. You did read my “Are you a slave to your blog” post, right? :P

    cowboycaleb: Thanks. But I AM young. lol. ok just kidding.

    modchip: Um… no. Some things have to remain a mystery. Haha.

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    “It’s not a very good picture, but don’t care lah” what is this “lah” and how do I use it in everyday conversation to piss off people I don’t like lah? HA

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    Mike M: Lah is used at the end of a statement to emphasize the statement and to express a mood. Think of it as a punctuation, sort of like an exclamation mark. (It’s for statements only so don’t use it at the end of a question.)


    A: Where’s the book you’re supposed to return me?
    B: I already put it on your desk lah! (To emphasize that you’ve annoyed to be wrongfully accused.)

    A: Hey, come up and give a speech!
    B: Don’t want lah. (Said in a shy tone to emphasize that you’re too embarrassed to do it.)

    A: No, sorry, I really can’t help you.
    B: Please lah! (Said beggingly to emphasize the please.)
    A: I really can’t help you lah! (To emphasize that it’s not possible. Notice the first statement doesn’t have a lah because it’s not time to emphasize yet.)
    B: Don’t be an idiot lah! (Starting to get annoyed)
    A: Go to hell lah! (Empahsize anger.)

    In the sentence I used: “It’s not a very good picture, but don’t care lah,” the lah is said in a cute way to emphasize that I really don’t care because this is my blog and I can do anything I want. But the lah is supposed to sound cute and friendly so it should come across as cutely rebellious rather than rudely antagonistic.

    You know, lah is really hard to explain because it can mean so many things and be used in so many different moods, but just remember that it’s used mainly to express an emotion you’re feeling, like the above examples. So don’t use it in every sentence just for the sake of it.

    Hope that helps. At least a little!

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