Here’s the video

I deliberated for a few weeks whether to post this up.

I finally decided to do it because I’m so busy these days that I need to employ more lazy blogger tricks.

Today’s lazy post is a YouTube video. Haha.

I didn’t want to post it up at first because there are some physically-intimate shots in it involving me and it’s weird posting something like that knowing that family and relatives read my blog.

But, what the heck. I’m sure they can handle it. It’s nothing sleazy, anyway.

A quick background first.

This is one of the films I did for NYU Tisch Asia graduate film students last year. It was their very first project and shot on Super 16 mm film.

(If you were reading my blog three months ago, you’d have seen my posts about it: Flat 7-Up doesn’t taste very good and Last day is for camwhoring.)

The requirements of the project: 4 minutes, black-and-white, no dialogue, no music.

The video you’re about to watch is the director’s cut. It’s in colour and has some musicky stuff in it, but it’s otherwise the same film that was submitted.

It’s called Mara’s Playground and I play the role of Mara.

So, here it is! Hope you like understand it.

37 thoughts on “Here’s the video

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    OMG!! WTF!! How could you? I am hurt! You knew it……….. That I……..

    That I can’t view youtube at office. Damn! youtube sucks!

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    eh? i’m abit surprised leh…how come huh, you ‘dare’ to put up this video in your blog, but that time i tagged you in some ‘Leong’ screenshots in my fb you untagged yourself. why huh? :P
    too bad till now still no news on ‘Space Love’ :(
    Now that was a spectacular smooooching scene :P

    Waaa…u haven’t seen it yet already so worked up. Wait see already how??? Hope you can keep your cool when you do see it. :P

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    Interesting movie. I like the idea of telling a story with no dialogue. It’s a little arty for my tastes, but (as usual) you give a good performance…

    (See? I told you that you look great when you go sexy instead of cute) :oP

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    I watched it again… What does that touch (When the eating utensils fell) signify??? Waaa… so many questions… I want to know answers!

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    OK, I get it now. Very interesting story. Winning IS everything. She got what she wanted and then she showed it off. “I have it, you don’t…go back to serving”

    Nice piece.

    Super 8 and 16 will live on forever if this type of quality film print comes from it.

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    Mara’s playground.
    Mara seem to be “playing” with everyone and everything.

    Kudo to the ant, probably died in the screen >_

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    cont.(the opposite of > seem to eat up the remaining text)

    Mara does portray evilness.

    When actor portray evilness and crowd dislike, he/she wins :D
    Gd job.

    But I’m end up with a mixture of feelings, Sheylara and Mara is different rite?! (O_O)

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    The Goonfather: Yaaarrrr! Avast ye scury rat!

    Fish: I explained to you already lah. I untagged my Leong screenshots because cannot see my face clearly in them, so I felt there’s no point in including those pictures in my album. :P

    modchip: Haha. You’re so cute… commenting even before you finish watching the film. :P To answer your question, it’s neither. But you can always interpret the film however way you like it. There’s no right or wrong. Well, if you really need to know, the title is one big clue what the film is about. :P

    Mince Pye: Too bad, thench!

    Jesta: Thanks! But isn’t the film a little too short to judge my performance or my looks? :P

    Mike M: Thanks! :)

    zield: Haha. Please tell that to Jesta. :P

    Ashtar83: Cool, your understanding of the film is the closest to the actual story that the director was trying to tell.

    (Yeah, don’t use angle brackets in comments cos they get read as html tags and screw up everything.)

    Um… of course Sheylara and Mara are different. Why do you ask??

    And no, the ant didn’t die. It was a hardy ant! Haha. After the scene, we threw it back into the grass where we found it. :P

    Miss Loi: Hurt, maybe. No death. Hehe.

    Ivan: Yeah, the b&w was pretty nice.

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    evilness in that close up smile by the tree but then again close ups not really that good eh? ur ‘look like’ age went back up to mid twenties from 15 :P

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    Hot baby hot baby!!!! Steamy!!!!!! Can see Fish is enjoying it lol!!!

    I decided to separate 2 post cuz directing at diff char… QY, you did extremely good, I feel!!!

    You looked so evil, so sinister.. that sneering smile so diabolical… !!

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    Mara is manipulative.

    She is the puppet master that controls others to be her “puppets” or “toys”. That’s why it’s her playground.


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    Minou: Hmm… box fish are cute. I use to have 1 longhorn cowfish(boxfish family), I called it the “yellow submarine”. haha!! Yea, mabbe I shall bring her to the beach to catch box fish. =P

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    A most facinating video. Very artistic and subject any number of interpretations.

    You managed to look bored, uninterested and mysterious in less than 45 seconds.

    Very good work!


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