Doing Valentine’s Day the geek way

I hope y’all had a great Valentine’s Day.

The Goonfather and I had a Non-Valentine’s Day, in keeping with tradition.

We had more of a Geeks R’ Us day, in fact.

I woke up bright and early and got dressed.

To go to work.

At a stuffy old office.

In a sad lonely cubicle.

(Where one can camwhore in relative privacy when one’s boss isn’t looking.)

The day passed (really slowly and laboriously because I didn’t have enough sleep the night before).

And then it was 6 pm.

Time to get out of the office and head for the mall.

A geek mall, if ever there was one.

Funan the IT Mall.

Where GAMESCORE, my favourite games shop, resides.

I had to sneak off work early to buy a present for the Goonfather.

(We tend to be more pragmatic than romantic so we usually avoid getting suckered into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, but we love buying presents for each other.)

But I gotta stop doing things last minute.

I won’t say what I bought, yet. But you can tell it’s some geeky thing.

Next stop: Eastpoint Mall, to meet up with the Geekfather, who decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect day on which to run errands.

He picked last night, of all nights, to get his phone serviced.

And to pay his parking fine.

And to drool over data cables and geeky peripherals at Challenger.

The geekmeter shooteth up.

And then the highlight of the night: Dinner!

Dinner was fast food because we wanted to be done with it quickly so we could rush home to play games.

(Actually, that was more my idea.)


We have both become PotBS addicts, although I’m a sorry sort of addict, having not enough time in which to encourage the addiction. Which explains why I’m only level 7 while Kell Jade Dragon is level 17 (plus he has a Level 8 alt!!!! wtf). And we both got the game on the same day.

(Kell Jade Dragon is Elyxia‘s boyfriend, whom we sometimes lovingly address as Unker Kell.)

The Goonfather is level 13. He has more time to play than I do because he spends his lunch hour playing and he doesn’t blog. But he obviously has less time than Unker Kell because Unker Kell plays games for a living. Sort of. Plus his bonnie lies o’er the ocean, so he has a lot of time alone, poor bloke.

But I digress.

Dinner was at Long John Silver, my favourite fast food joint.

I love fast food. The Goonfather hates. But he allowed me to drag him to LJS last night because:

  1. Fast food restaurants don’t have ridiculous inflated V Day prices.
  2. He tries to be accommodating on “special days”.
  3. Long John Silver is a pirate so it fits in very nicely with his PotBS addiction.

We tried to rush through dinner so we could be home as early as possible to play PotBS.

But it was really hard to rush through a feast.

I don’t know what the GoonFather was thinking when he ordered all this food…

For two people.


Amazingly, though, we finished most of the food.

And then it was home to let the Geekfather have his presents.

I received my Valentine’s Day present early this year. It was Pirates of the Burning Sea (including unlimited subscription, wahoo). The Goonfather is very fond of giving me advance presents.

Like he gave me my birthday present (a Wii) in May when my birthday was in July. When July rolled around, he had to buy me another present (a DS Lite) because I insisted that May was too far away to be counted. Haha.

Anyway, in return for my PotBS, I got him a DMC4 for the PS3.

He had been slavering at it for yonks (even before it was officially released) but just haven’t bought it because he’s been too busy with PotBS.

Oh, I also got him a bonus present.

It’s a Goomba!

More accurately, it’s a Goomba mini bolster cushion whatever.

You do know what Goombas are, don’t you? From Super Mario Bros. They’re so cute!

The Goomfather loves Super Mario Bros characters. He has a Koopa Troopa shell for a keychain.

Our night ended with PotBS, as planned.

I bought a new graphics card finally. Better graphics now?

This was supposed to be an amazing picture because there was a beautiful view of the rising sun. But just as I remembered to tap my screenshot button, this hill rose up to hide the sun.

As you can see, I didn’t even have time to get rid of my UI.

Then I got too busy to bother with screenshots because I was set upon by pirates. (It’s a pirate eat pirate world.)

And now I have to rush off to work because I sacrificed my morning to write this blog, so I’m going to have to make up for it by doing OT tonight. Zzzz.


(Funny to be saying TGIF when one has to OT.)

(Funny that one never appreciates weekends until one has a regular day job.)

Happy weekend!

18 thoughts on “Doing Valentine’s Day the geek way

  1. Avatar

    Dude, you finally have a copy of DMC… heheheh!

    Ei, QY, I envy you, because you have a cubicle, me don’t have… :(

  2. Avatar

    Ur V-Day dinner very sumptous for 2 person! That’s really a lot a lot of food leh!!! Lol!

    Gomba reminds me of goonfather… like when he frowns lol!!!

  3. Avatar

    We don’t do Valentine’s day either, although I have yet to persuade my wife to buy me geek toys… Anyway, I do like Gamescore, they sold me my PS3 peripherals…

  4. Avatar

    hey i didn’t know that goomba was actually ‘that’ mushroom-boy.. O_o
    that ‘thing’ is so un-mushroom-like.. ( ‘_’)a

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