Be a pirate, why not?

OMG. I’ve gone and done the unthinkable.

I just bought (or rather, the Goonfather just bought) Pirates of the Burning Sea!!

Pirates of the Burning Sea

It’s a new MMORPG set in the Caribbean of 1720 where you get to be a pirate or swashbuckler or naval officer.

I’ve never even really liked pirates and piratey stuff. Well, I do adore Captain Jack Sparrow, but that’s largely because I love Johnny Depp and that’s the extent of my pirate fandom.

I’m writing this blog now while my game is patching because once the patch is done, I will never have time to do anything else anymore.

Deciding to play this game is a totally impulsive move and totally nuts. I now have a full-time temp office job, on top of which I still have auditions and shoots, on top of which I have this blog to update daily, on top of which I just joined a choir with our first public performance slated for August.

Where will I find time to play an MMORPG?

I didn’t even know of the game’s existence until like a week ago when the game launched and the Goonfather started arrrrr-ing at me like a pirate, at the oddest random moments.

“Arrrrrrrrr!!” he would say, twisting his mouth in a way that makes him look more like Popeye the Sailorman than a badass pirate captain.

And I would ask him, “What the hell?”

And he would say, “I’m a pirate! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

He deliberated for a week before finally caving in and buying the game, in the process also buying a second copy for me.

Many of my friends have already started (or are thinking of) playing it, so talk has been revolving around this game, which makes me all excited for no logical reason. I’m not really excited over being a pirate and sailing my own ship and waging sea battles. I’m more excited about playing with friends.

You can’t possibly know what fun is until you play an MMORPG with real life friends.

Well… I dunno. I’ve been (and still am) really insanely busy and I have no time to play games.

But I can feel the gamer’s blood still running strong within me. I am hyperventilating with excitement over starting a new game which I don’t have much of an interest in playing!

Siao lah.

14 thoughts on “Be a pirate, why not?

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    I think I’m too old for MMORPGs now, and time’s definitely better spent on other things in life. ;)

    But just out of curiosity, what exactly will one do in a pirate MMO?

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    I’ve never heard of the game, but I will surely have to check it out. I’m more into blowing stuff up or sneaking around in the shadows.

    The Goonfather and I are going to have to hook up and play some games. I like his style.
    Nothing like two geek pirate nerds sitting in front of a TV or a computer while their better halves look at us like we are morons. Kind of like feeling “at home”.

    Hope work is going well.

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    Oh, by the way. New Years is very, very, very close now. Good food, good friends and good family. I can’t wait until midnight!

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    This game looks fun… though I’m not a fan of those MMORPG stuff, if I get a chance, I’ll try it out too. Hehehhe.

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    While I’m tempted to make my own pirate noises I think it might be more constructive to ask you to post a review when you have time. I think that whether an MMORPG makes it is largely down to the amount of grind to fun ratio…
    It’ll be interesting to see how Pirates manage that…

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    @Modchip: Do you have any idea how much Grand Theft Auto games and Final Fantasy games get? Always almost over 9.0/10. And does Final Fantasy suck compared to Grand Theft Auto? Many will agree to that satement, except for those who hasn’t played Grand Theft Auro yet :(.

    MMORPGs are crap, they waste your cash. Why not play REAL video games and see how fun a video game is intended to be. I don’t mind playing WoW or Hellgate, but this game doesn’t seem all that fun.

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    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-, I prefer Final Fantasy more that GTA man, and I played Grand Theft Auto (since its PS1 days). Also, I don’t play much MMORPGs unless they are totally free or free to try.

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