Are you a slave to your blog?

I haven’t blogged for only two days but it feels like I haven’t blogged forever. It feels alien to open up WordPress and attempt to once again fill an empty box with words.

It’s rather crazy, this blogging thing, how it makes people feel obliged to write something at least three or four times a week and feel guilty when they don’t. (You must have seen hundreds of instances where bloggers apologise for not having updated for ages, as if they were apologising to an employer for not finishing a project on time.)

It’s also very much a way of life for bloggers to photograph anything and everything they see when they’re out. Maybe even when they’re home.

If you asked the question, “What can’t you leave home without?”, seven out of 10 bloggers will say, “My camera.”

It’s terrifying how blogs have enslaved bloggers.

Sometimes, I just want to enjoy life as a normal human being and not have to whip out my camera at the slightest provocation.

So, sometimes, I do just that. I let my camera sit in my bag and I say to myself, “Fuck the blog,” and I continue enjoying my life.

And then I go home and I have a topic I want to blog about and I have no photos and I kick myself.

Photos are very important. Many lazy bastards go to a blog and they look at the photos and then go away without reading a thing except maybe for captions. Or they go to a blog and see that there’s a huge chunk of text and no photos and they go away without reading a thing (unless, of course, the text was about something sleazy or controversial).

Pictures are very important. Humans are visual creatures. That’s why movies are more popular than books.

Which is then very ironic that a blog touting the merits of pictures has no pictures.

But irony is good, is it not?

Nevertheless, here’s a photo to show that I haven’t grown an extra nose or wart since I last posted a photo.

I need a haircut very badly.

And I hate this picture. But I’ve learnt that sometimes my readers will love a picture I hate, or hate a picture I love.

Always useful to do some market research.

21 thoughts on “Are you a slave to your blog?

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    As you can see, I only update when I have the mood. hahaha

    Yup, you need a haircut…your hair is looking thick and heavy.
    Hmmm…I wanna perm my hair again!

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    Since I started blogging not long ago, also found it has become a kind of ‘responsibility’ :P But to be frank, the feeling quite shiok when ppl come back to see your stuff. Its like everyday I must check see how many ‘visitors’ i’ve had :P

    Instead of having a blog like a dairy, when nothing interesting to write, I end up posting stuffs about the past.

    ps: your hair looks fine to me :)

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    Just blog when you like it,
    just put pictures or take pictures when you like it

    what matters is that you enjoy what you doing

    Weather seem getting warmer, a cut might do you good?

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    I used to be a blog slave, but I decided there is more to life that tell everyone else what I am doing. If they want to know, than can ask.

    With that said, I just updated my blog with want I did this past weekend HA.

    I suppose I AM still a slave…..a little.

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    Blog will always be secondary to real life which explains my lack of posts whenever I am back in SG.

    While in Spitland, it is a routine of mine to write something everyday as a way of passing time and leaving yet another bread crumb on my daily walk for others to follow.

    I even got someone worried sick about me when I didn’t blog for several days while in SG. LOL

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    I share your sentiments. I feel bad too when i stop posting on my blog for a week and occasionally feel the urge to bring my camera out to snap whenever i see something interesting. But life is more than jus blogging.


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