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    Recently I was at Soup Spoon and although they told me the PRAWN in my PRAWN Wrap was actually PRAWN it tasted very much like Chicken… they assumed I was just a silly Ang Moh that can’t tell the difference between PRAWN and CHICKEN – so I have banned myself from SOUP SPOON – forever – hahaha

    How can they actually sell wraps when their name is SOUP SPOON and get the wraps right !!!

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    food not bad, but quite pricey i feel. This is along thomson road right?
    the korea food few units down also quite nice

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    Crabula Chickenisa, a new breed of chicken, can swim in water and cluck like normal chicken. Instead of wings they evolve into claws to fly, some say they taste like crabs but then they are chicken by nature. They are hard in shells but still can fly. So watch out for flying Crabula Chickenisa…

    hahahaha crappy crabs…. hahaha

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    Claudia: Correct first answer! :) Hehe. Yeah, it’s at upper thomson. Incidentally, we were driving along there in search of the upper thomson Crab Shack when we saw this. We never did find Crab Shack, though, pity. I forgot to bring out the address with me.

    rinaz: That’s what I’d like to know, too.

    APLINK: HAHAHAHAHA. I’ve only been to Soup Spoon once, and that was before they had wraps. I’ll remember not to order the prawn wrap if I ever go again. Heh. I hope you blogged about it. Gotta warn the masses!

    nadnut: Might be quite delicious, you never know. ;)

    Kenny: Haha. Well, I wouldn’t mind eating crab for the price of chicken/ :P

    Tianhong: I don’t know how’s the food. We were just driving past, didn’t go in. Maybe we will some time. I’m curious!! heheh.

    hersheys: Hur hur. Funny sort of chicken if you ask me. :P

    shin: Cross-breed with crab? If so, then I expect to see at least a chicken beak or chicken claws, or maybe a feather or two. hahaha.

    amd: Yup yup, that’s along thomson road. So how’s the taste and price compared to boon tong kee?

    Jeslyn: You might be right. Maybe the owner is a crab. Or maybe the owner has a pet crab.

    JayWalk: lol. So now we wonder whether we’ll get crab or chicken if we go eat there. :P

    Sicarii: Haha… that’s a good one.

    Derrick: That’s one way to look at it. lol. Then the crab picture is a terrible advertisement. hahaha.

    Mince Pye: Wanna try the chickens there one day? Or maybe the crabs?

    Jasa: Wow, thanks for the information. Er… what’s a sea chicken?

    Ashtar8: Thanks. Are you going to open a restaurant called Crabula Chickenisa? I can’t wait. Will do free food review for you. lol.

    Mike M: Haha. In that vein, wouldn’t it be quite funny if the picture were an egg instead of a crab or a chicken?

    Pingping: That could be possible. Maybe they don’t know how to spell crab so drew a picture instead. lol. I think I really need to go try the food there. :P

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    upper thomson crab shack closed until 1 feb then open for business. :) and it’s at the row of shops just before this chicken rice stretch. near the pricey indonesian restaurant.

    the shop ‘dino’ next to this chicken rice stall also quite nice. i love their durian puffs.

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    hmmm..funny thing, I pass by the shop quite frequently coz I stay somewhere around there and have even eaten there before…but interesting to note, I have never really observed and noticed that..woah..blind me… :P

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    anonymouse: Aiyooooo. Why must they close just when I want to visit them? Sigh. But thanks for the info!

    Jason Ho: Hahaha.. really blind. :P Verdict please. Is the chicken rice nice? (Or is it crab rice?)

    modchip: Not much of a hybrid if it looks entrely like a crab, if you ask me. :P

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    modchip: That suggestion has some merit. Finally. :P

    Vandalin: Chicken with 10 drumsticks? Haha. I prefer wings.

    Pauze: I think the question should be: What’s a crab doing in a chicken rice joint. Although I’m not saying that you’re wrong. It bears both ways I guess. :P

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    @Sheylara: Actually, the sign maker had very few pictures to choose from and the owner was running short of time before official opening. The guy in charge of making the sign has since been fired:)

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