Tissue Thief

[Hamster Tales Part 6]

Previously in Hamster Tales: After my little hamster princesses get past the shock of moving into a new home, they fight each other. Then they make up. Then they poop in the food dish and eat in the wheel. Then they go to sleep in the messy basement instead of in the pretty $22 house.

Picnic stalks Pixie

Day 6
Monday, 31 December 2007

It seems like my loopy girls have decided to fall out with each other again. Or, rather, Picnic has decided to fall out with Pixie. The tyrant girl has staked claim on the castle and kicks up a stink whenever Pixie comes to visit.

Pixie is so terrified of Picnic that she has no choice but to live all alone in the big new cage. She doesn’t look at all happy even though she actually got a better deal (her cage is three times the size of Picnic’s castle).

Pixie lives all alone

Yesterday, I had shredded a piece of tissue paper into each cage for the girls to make nests.

Today, when I check in on them, I notice that Pixie’s cage has no more tissue. Picnic’s castle, on the other hand, is bursting with tissue.

It’s nice to know that Picnic is enjoying the tissue and keeping herself busy playing FedEx with it.

I wonder if Pixie approves of it.

Pixie keeps wanting to go into the castle but she’s hesitant. Sometimes, she stops at the mouth of the tunnel, just short of stepping into the castle, then she’d get cold feet and scoot back to her cage.

Pixie comes to visit

Sometimes, she bravely ventures in and tiptoes around until Picnic discovers her and chases her back to the big cage.

Poor Pixie. I don’t know if I should just separate them and disable the tunnel access altogether.

Maybe I’ll wait and see if this continues.

Because Pixie’s tissue shreddings have all ended up in Picnic’s castle, I gave her some more. Two pieces this time.

Later in the night, I check on them again.

What’s this?

I see Picnic boldy tromping into Pixie’s cage.

Pixie freezes on the wheel.

Pixie is stuck to the wheel

She tries not to look at Picnic. She looks left and right. You can almost see her little mind furiously working out a solution to all of life’s problems.

Picnic sniffs around curiously, makes burrows in the wood shavings and then emerges where the new pile of shredded tissue has been placed.

Picnic has never seen so much tissue in her life

Oooh, tissue.

Picnic starts stuffing tissue into her mouth.

Picnic eats tissue paper

Exactly how much tissue could a hamster want? She stuffs and stuffs and stuffs for all she’s worth.

When most of the tissue has gone into her mouth, I put my hand down. That is, I lower my hand into the cage, not doing anything else, just putting my hand there.

Picnic rolls her eyes at the intrusion, stops stuffing, and struts back to the castle. If you ask a doctor whether ativan is addictive, then also ask how he defines addiction: addictive only medication for which “you have to constantly increase the dose” to achieve the same effect. For this reason, SSRIs are not addictive, but after weaning, you still have a lot of fun with the withdrawal symptoms.

Pixie darts into her $22 house and hides behind the remaining tissue.

Pixie has always been the shy one

I sigh.

I seal off the tunnel access and give Pixie more tissue.

They’re both on their own now. My heart aches a little for them.

Next Up: Absence Makes the Heart Grow… What?

13 thoughts on “Tissue Thief

  1. Avatar

    All animals have territorial instinct, it depends on how much the animal itself possessed.

    Anyway it’s never advisable to put tissue, you might hate the vet more if you do that more often.

    For the tunnel, like what you do, leave it and see how it goes. At some time it should be alright, don’t have to worry.

  2. Avatar

    the messy basement seem to be more “homely” for them. My cats are like that too… my room is much smaller and messier and dirtier and yet they love my room and hate the large, clean and cool living room. My cat, furgie, is the youngest and more timid (generally), much like pixie. And like pixie who likes to get closer to picnic for Godknowswhy, furgie also likes to get closer to the other cats, although she’s damn scared of them. So she’s hanging near them but damn scared… it’s quite funny.

    It’s character la… humans do that too. =) You’ll feel so sorry for pixie! But don’t neglect picnic… it’ll make things worse.

  3. Avatar

    Shire: Thanks!! I’m happy to hear that people like my hamster stories. I was wondering if people are actually reading them or do they just look at the pictures. :P

    JayWalk: Hmm… maybe I’ll try that next time. But for now, I don’t want to disturb them. I mean, I’m still waiting for them to settle down and get used to their environment. Changing will just make them stressed again :P

    Derrick: Yah lah, I’m very sad. I thought I can have 2 happy hamster living and playing together happily.

    surfie: Er.. what’s wrong with tissue? Everyone in the hamster forum uses toilet paper or paper towels. I used tissue for a week but now changed to toilet paper.

    rn: Haha, that’s really funny, that your cats are behaving like my hamsters. Yeah, I know. I’m trying very hard not to play favourites. But it’s a quite tough because I get frustrated with Picnic for bullying Pixie. But of course I still take care of her as well as I take care of Pixie. Just that I can’t help but love Pixie a leeetle bit more. :(

  4. Avatar

    it’s like that one… it’s the same with kids also! I have 6 cats, so I had plenty of time to see their jealousy, their animosity, their innocence, their petty fights, and the difference is that to these pets, we are their everything. That small cage for the hamsters are their EVERYTHING.

    Good luck! Heh.

  5. Avatar

    It’s getting like Desperate Housewives, the hamster version. Just throw in a couple of hunky pool-cleaning male hamsters and watch the sparks fly!

  6. Avatar

    modchip: Haha, thanks! Isn’t Pixie so heart-wrenchingly cute?

    rn: I am really bad at taking care of anything, whether it’s pets or children or boyfriends. Hahaha. I mean, I seriously don’t know how to handle kiddy squabbles. To both squabbling parties, they are right and it’s like the most important thing in the world for them be proven right. But they can’t both be right and you have to disappoint one kid, at least. It’s terrible lah I tell you.

    Jesta: If I throw in male hamsters, my stress will be multiplied tenfold within two months.

    Re: Air Guitar Rocker. I’ve heard of it. Just saw the video… I think it looks retarded. Haha.

  7. Avatar

    Well… Once you throw in the hunky male hamsters then all you have to do is to film it with your dual-cameras and start your own drama series…

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