“The cheerleaders look better from far”

We were quite far from the action at yesterday’s NBL basketball match (Singapore Slingers vs Wollongong Hawks).

Nic usually gives us corporate box seats (awfully nice of him), which are right by the edge of the basketball court so you feel like you’re right in the action.

An example of a corporate box:

The occupants had all gone off to rate their turbans

Yesterday was “AIA Family Night” and AIA had supposedly snapped up 4,000 tickets for its staff, including corporate boxes, so we had to sit in the regular stadium stands for once, further away from the action.

It was about 8 minutes into the game when I realised that something was different.

I wasn’t paying attention to the game. I was distracted by visual overload.

The stadium had never looked so huge

I had never been able to see so much of the stadium where I always sat.

In the previous matches, the basketballers had been right in my face so I was always naturally drawn towards the action on the court.

Yesterday, I found myself checking out the stadium crowd, instead.

Where's Wally?

I suppose I was also distracted by the sticks. Thousands of noisy balloon sticks which AIA had given out to every spectator to make noise with.

Noisy sticks

Turning to the Goonfather, I said, “Sitting up here, the game doesn’t feel as immersive, does it?”

He beat his sticks at a referee for a few seconds before replying, “The cheerleaders look better from far.”


I decided not to continue the conversation.

The Goonfather had followed me to the last three or four games and made it known that the Slinger Girls in their cute, tight outfits were a huge highlight for him.

Until last week.

We had gone to the game half an hour early and been treated to a show of basketballers and cheerleaders warming up on the court.

The Slinger Girls (who are more dancers than cheerleaders, actually) got really close to us at one point.

I said, “Hey, look, your favourite girls!”

He looked and he got bug-eyed.

“OMG they look scary close up,” he said.

“No, they don’t,” I argued for them.

He didn’t argue back because he was by then traumatised speechless.

Well, they don’t look scary. The Goonfather so likes to exaggerate.

She was really happy to see him

So, that’s the story as advertised in today’s blog title.

I guess that means the Goonfather was happy sitting high up in the stands.

Many corporate seats were wasted yesterday because AIA staff didn’t turn up.

I saw an empty box:


I also saw two almost empty boxes:


I saw two more almost empty boxes:


I scanned around and found another totally empty box:


And yet another one:


The whole stadium was filled with empty corporate boxes bearing AIA’s name. Such wastage!

Oh, well, I suppose the company can well afford it.

By the way, the Slingers won last night! This is their 5th win out of 25 games, so every win is remarkable.

The Million Dollar Shot contest is still accepting entries, so go join! You can find the clue to the answer in my earlier post.

Good luck! I hope someone I know wins the million dollars! ;)

It’s not going to be me even if I get picked, because I could never shoot that ball in a million years. Haha!

Sheylara sends you the secret answer through telepathy

17 thoughts on ““The cheerleaders look better from far”

  1. Avatar

    hmm..yeah..they looked better from far don’t they? But it was a good game tho and glad we won although Len and I still feel that we won not because we were good but the Hawks had an off day during that match ;)

  2. Avatar

    Nic: Haha, thanks, as usual!

    Vandalin: Where have you been, man? You need to come and deprive the Goonfather of some beer ok. Without you there, he’s got the whole lot to himself.

    modchip: So the NBL is on cable? That’s cool.

    Jason Ho: I think they look pretty ok close up. Duh. You guys are so bad. :P

    JokeDiary: Haha, no never heard that phrase before. It’s funny, though.

    Tianhong: Thanks! :)

  3. Avatar

    It’s amazing how corporations will pay for boxes and then let them go empty. I suppose if they have money to burn, they can do what they wish.

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