Sheylara dual wields new weapons

With some sadness, I put down my twin fighting batons in EQ2…

Yes, I'm lookin at ya.

… in order that I may take up new weaponry.

Still lookin at ya.

My friends groan and tremble each time I whip out my fearsome dual-wielding objects of terror.

Sheylara forgot to point the camera at herself

They shiver in the cold dread of waking up one day to find themselves unwitting stars of YouTube.

Her eyes gleam with the promise of mischief


It may not seem like it to you, but dual wielding is very tiring

I think I need to buy a tripod.

15 thoughts on “Sheylara dual wields new weapons

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    “My friends groan and tremble each time I whip out my fiersome [sic – I think you meant “fearsome”] dual-wielding objects of terror.”
    Especially photographers who have worked long and hard to AVOID being in film or in pictures… Then we get conned by some sweet talking actress…

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    Saw on a Taiwan variety show how they improvised without tripod. Take a water bottle (the pri school type with a sling), sling it across your shoulder, adjust the strap length so that the top of the bottle meets your elbow when you’re filming. This way your elbow rests on the water bottle and doesn’t shake as much. It works somewhat.

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    reminds me of….Wolf in AVP:R
    the predator with 2 shoulder cannon!!!


    Arrrrrr!!! Get to the CHOPPA!!!
    Sheylara is hunting!!!
    *start predator’s main theme song*

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    modchip: Haha. It’s really very tiring for the arms…

    Mike M: Well, I can’t claim to have mastered it. Some of the footages came out pretty shaky, lol.

    Jesta: So I did. Thanks for spotting that! (What’s wrong with being in film and pictures anyway?)

    Derrick: Wow, that’s pretty handy. Haha. But I’ll probably look even more retarded than I already do holding the two camcorders. :P

    Ashtar83: Hmm, I never watched that. Nice ah?

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    now that i realized something.. they never make a left handed cam.. O_o

    i dont know why one would need 2 handycams..
    the only thing with dual cam that i know is the object recognizing cams on my university lab..
    2 cameras at certain position capturing the same object.. and using the relative position and angel of one cam from the other.. we can measured its distance.. know its shape.. etc..
    it works like our eyes..

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    AVP:R so-so
    storyline is bad, lucky for there is gore and killings, if not probably a show we can wait for TV to show. Watch it if ya fan for predators and aliens. Else just watch something else.

    anyway dual cam means…2 times damage on cam shy ppl lol

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    zield: Yeah, I realised that when I was trying to dual wield. It was so awkward holding the cam on my left hand, I was getting cramps, lol.

    That night we were at the karaoke, the two cams were handy because:

    1) I could point one cam at the singer, point the other cam at the TV. So when I edit my video, I can intercut the singer and the MTV at any point I like

    2) When there were two singers, I could shoot close ups of both singers at the same time for more editing options, rather than move the camera from one to the other (might miss moments) or do a two-shot, which doesn’t look good especially if they weren’t sitting close together.

    There are really many moments when having two cams are handy, like when you want to capture spontaneous moments.

    For example, parents watching their babies crawl for the first time. You want to capture the parents’ expressions closeup and you want to capture the baby closeup, but you can’t do it at the same time with one cam. You will lose moments if you keep moving the cam to one or the other! ;)

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    Ashtar83: Haha. Ok. I think I remember hearing reviews along the same lines, too. I’ve never watched Predators. Seen the first couple of Alien long time ago. I suppose they were pretty good, but I was never a big fan. :P

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    rn: I don’t bring the cams all the time. Just most of the time. Hahaha. You never notice that everywhere I go, I lug around a big sports bag? :P

    binary_001: Er… ok. Good luck with your Matrix movie. lol. :P

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