Random cute things

There will be no hamster tale today. I have three more chapters lined up but I don’t want to turn my blog into a hamster blog, so I will publish chapter 4 tomorrow.

Today, I’m blogging about random cute things.

1. Guess Who I Saw At Lunch?

Hello Cookie Monster and Elmo!

Isn’t that just adorable? NYDC is now my favourite place to hang out.

Cookie and Elmo take a really, really long time to decide what to eat.

When we’ve finished lunch and are ready to leave, they’re still poring over their menus.

I guess Cookie Monster doesn’t want lunch to end because they will serve him up for dessert after that.

2. Woah, How’d The Van Get Up There?

3. Woah, What’s A Cooking Pot Doing Up There?

You might think vans and cooking pots are not cute, but I totally love 3D adverts where they make giant representations of actual products. I think they’re cute! They’re like everywhere these days. I wish I had taken a photo of every one of them.

4. What’s So Cute About This?

Free brown eyes!

Haha. I love taking photos in strong sunlight because it makes my eyes very brown without having to wear tinted lenses. *lol*

Ok, you can tell I’m running out of stuff to talk about.

Actually, I need to rush off now.

Slingers match tonight! Wheeeee~!

11 thoughts on “Random cute things

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    Vandalin: Awww, that’s a pity! Imagine how much more beer the Goonfather was able to drink without you there! lol.

    yh: Haha, indeed. Thanks for spotting the error! ;)

    modchip: I think tiramisu is pretty common and probably everywhere has it. :P

    Wind: lol… thanks for the compliment!!

  2. Avatar

    ck4376: Thanks! I don’t actually look into the sun. I just face the general direction of the sunlight and it’s enough to make my eyes brown. :P

    Amanda: Really? I know Asians have varying degrees of brown-ness in their eyes, but I thought strong sunlight will turn all of them lighter brown. Well, thank you, though. :)

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    ahh hehehahaha hay i really like your website cuz like i am a very cute and random person!!!!!!!!!! so well hay g2g but comment you laterz too well umm.. i really got to stop talking soooo umm….. i guesss byebye:)

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