Funny plant growing on car windscreen

The Goonfather borrowed his father’s car the other day because Makkuro was being serviced at the workshop.

There was this strange icky thing right in the middle of the windscreen.

Looks like a bird shat there and a plant grew out of it.

It seems to have sprouted overnight because the maids wash the car pretty regularly and I can’t imagine them overlooking something like that. (Unless the Goonfather’s parents were doing a botanical experiment, but I doubt it.)

Here are different views of it.

And a wider shot to give you an idea of the size of the thing. It’s really tiny!

I wanted to take more pictures of it the next day, but then it was gone and the car was sparkling clean. Haha. We haven’t had a chance to ask his parents what that was.

What do you think?

25 thoughts on “Funny plant growing on car windscreen

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    Looks like it fell from the branches above the car. At first flance, it looks like bird poop with little plants growing on it. :))

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    Eww….looks gross.

    Mike M, unfortunately in Singapore, the term “maid(s) washing their car” is very very common….

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    modchip: Definitely not something that fell on the car. See the first picture. There’s like gunk splattered and stuck to the car!

    dreamz: Hehe. I agree.

    Vandalin: Oh, you’re sick!

    Mike M: Um… what’s remarkable about maids washing cars?

    Mince Pye: It looks nothing like the tentacled thing lor.

    Minou: Yah, lol. I was wondering whether I should post it on my blog and gross everyone out too. :P

    Ashtar83: Hahahaha. That’s the best answer so far!

    Derrick: You think? But the leaf looks very rooted in the poo, doesn’t it? lol.

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    Modchip: My colleague has that papaya dance song as his ring tone, and his phone rings like every hour. -.-“

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    prob something from the aquarium……n wats tat called…some aquatic plants n sand n mud n fish shat n goo which mabbe algae….

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    Looks like a bird did a poo poo, like Derrick wrote, but most likely I think that the bird had eaten a seed and did not digest it. So when it’s landed on the car if it’s been sitting their a while it was the perfect environment for it to grow. Wet moist feces.

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