Free-flow Kobe and Wagyu

So, I had a chance two weeks ago to gorge myself silly on Kobe and Wagyu beef at a buffet dinner.

And what did I do?

I filled myself half up with sashimi, oysters, rib-eye, Black Angus, Kurobuta pork, chicken, sausages, desserts, fruits, chocolate fondue and — this is the best — water (because I was feeling dehydrated that day).


Well, it was very hard to ignore the tantalising appetiser table, the pretty dessert table and the magnificent chocolate fondue table.

It was also very hard to say no when the meat waiter came to our table with juice-bursting skewers of freshly-barbequed meat with an offer: “Would you like a piece of this delicious hunk of rib-eye roasted on this very spit and is at this moment sweating out succulent juices which are flowing down it in thirst-quenching rivulets? How about two pieces?”

“Yes, oh, yes. GIVE IT TO ME.”

So that was how I ended up with a plate full of all kinds of meat.

All kinds of meat

We were at Vibe Restaurant at Negara on Claymore Hotel partaking of a festive preminum dinner buffet which promised free-flow Wagyu and Kobe but which demanded of each of us an ever-inflatable stomach and $68++ in cash.

I really wanted to dig right away into the Wagyu and Kobe but I started with a very modest serving of oyster and sashimi and a bowl of lobster bisque because I didn’t want to appear too carnivorous.

Very modest appetiser

Lobster Bisque

And then the meats came nonstop and I had one serving of everything.

And I had four slices of Wagyu and four slices of Kobe but I couldn’t even finish the last slices because I had gotten so sick of meat by the end of everything.

Here’s a piece of Kobe beef.

Kobe beef

It’s not really Kobe Kobe beef. It’s US Kobe beef. But it’s still really good. I mean compared to other types of beef. I don’t know about real Kobe beef because I’ve never had any.

Here is a piece of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef

It’s really, really good. It’s tender and melts in your mouth without being flaky, juicy fats spurting onto your taste buds every few seconds.

It’s so good that the Goonfather now refuses to eat any beef except this one.

It’s so good I don’t even want to talk about the other meats now.

Let’s talk about dessert.

The chocolate fountain is unbelievable — the first ever chocolate fountain I want to fling myself into and bathe in its creamy goodliness.

White chocolate fountain

It’s a white chocolate fountain. Heavenly.

And the dessert table.

Dessert table

A huge range of pretty little desserts to take the carnivorous edge off you.

Too much dessert

That was a fantastic meal.

But I felt quite sick afterwards from beef overdose.

I would go back there again, of course. And, next time, it will be just Wagyu all the way.

Overdosed on beef

20 thoughts on “Free-flow Kobe and Wagyu

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    Those most certainly do NOT look like the heavenly premium Kobe/Wagyu Beef I’ve had in Kobe which was so fantastic that they actually melt when put in in my mouth. They were so oyishi that the meal cost me … errr … *too ashamed to disclose price lest everyone laughs at me!* :P

  2. Avatar

    it’s 12.52am and I’m reading this post & I haven’t taken dinner. Wrong time to read! …….then again, it looks super delicious ya =D

  3. Avatar

    ahwei: I’m not really sure. They had this premium buffet in November, then again in December. Not sure about January cos they haven’t updated the website.

    Fish: Of course I know you mean the meat. Nothing can be more shiok than that! :P

    Derrick: Er… I don’t mind them red unless they’re sitting in a pool of blood.

    modchip: Haha, we can’t take leftovers away with us, unfortunately. :P

    Miss Loi: Why too ashamed to disclose amount? I don’t see anything wrong whether it’s like a dollar or a zillion dollars. Anyway, I wish I had the chance to taste real Kobe beef from Kobe. :)

    Wang Wang: You will still go there meh? I don’t think you want to pay $68 just to eat tiramisu. :P

    Minou: I will only say the Kobe and Wagyu is good. For the other cuts, I actually prefer Carnivore’s. Well, of course, the white chocolate fountain is a big plus. :P

    tskie: Wow. Why haven’t you taken dinner at such a late hour?

    Pingping: Actually, I didn’t even eat the dessert although my friends did. I was too full after whacking the meats and the chocolate fondue. :P

    Jesta: Ok, I’m going to post another food blog next week. Going for another “dinner party” tonight. :P

    Wind: Heh.

  4. Avatar

    Mike M: Haha. Let me know when you’re arriving!

    JayWalk: Yeah, the meat is really juicy! You can try the next time you come back to Singapore. :P

    nadnut: lol.

    Wang Wang: Aww, that’s sweet, dear. :) *hug*

    The Goonfather: Yay! When?

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